What Is Pickleball?

Pickleball is a racket sport that involves hitting a ball back and forth over a net much like tennis or badminton. In this case the players are playing singles that is one versus one. Pickleball can also be played by two vs. two, this is called doubles.

The rules and the court size are the same as singles but many people like to play doubles too because there’s a smaller territory they have to cover by themselves and it’s also more social.

But what about equipment?

The pickleball is made of lightweight plastic and has holes in it. While a pickleball paddle resembles an oversized ping pong paddle and is made of lightweight graphite or carbon fiber. For more information about pickleball paddles please read the article here.

How To Score?

So now you have a general sense of the game let’s find out how points can be won or lost. Like other racket sports if your opponents hit the ball out of bounds you earn a point. If you hit it out your opponents win a point. If you hit the ball in the net your also give your opponents a point.

What Are The Rules?

You aren’t allowed to touch the ball with your body so if you get hit by the ball you lose a point. There are few special rules in pickleball.

Let’s begin with the serve. The server must hit the pickleball from behind the baseline without a bounce. The server must be in an underhand motion and the ball has to go diagonally across the court. The serve must also land more than seven feet past the net. You’ll see there’s a line up near the net that indicates the seven-foot mark.

When the served landed well beyond that line, the serve would be considered good and you can hit it back to begin the point, the first two shots of a pickle ball.

You must allow the ball to bounce. When your opponent served the ball, you must let it bounce first before hitting it back to him/her. You will also let it bounce from this point on we can hit it before. This is known as the two bounce rule.

Hitting the ball before it land is known as volley. You can only volley if you’re standing at least 7 feet from the net. The white line on the court indicates that seven-foot mark so if i’m going to play volley I hit it without a bounce.

I have to be behind that line when I make contact. An example of me breaking the rule you can see I stepped inside the seven-foot line to play my volley I would lose the point if I did this. So there you go that’s your introduction to Pickleball it’s a really fun social game to play that’s relatively easy to love.

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