The Best Ultimate Frisbee Gloves Guide 2021

Does your hand sweat a lot while playing ultimate frisbee? Or perhaps the cold weather making it hard for you to catch the disc reliably? The solution to these problems is to get ultimate frisbee gloves. Now, how do you choose the best gloves for ultimate frisbee and why is it important? Find out below!


5 Best Ultimate Frisbee Gloves 2021

1. The Cutter by Mint Ultimate – Tacky and comfortable gloves

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The Cutter Gloves has a different leather type of material but performs the same as the Layout. According to Mint Ultimate, the MAXX Tack design provides a high level of tackiness for catching and handling discs. Don’t let the name fool you, the gloves are perfect for both cutters and handlers.

Tip: You can also see Mint Ultimate’s Cutter glove sizing guide here to help you find your right size.

It also has a Coolflex backhand material to keep your hands from overheating. The gloves are thin enough to allow players to catch and throw discs accurately. Using the gloves when it’s dry gives you an extra spin while using it when wet, gives you more grip. The gloves will definitely improve your catching or throwing not only on wet or rainy conditions.

The Cutter is a very durable glove that can stand the test of time. The padding on the gloves is great for absorbing the impact from catching and throwing thus, keeping your hands from pain.

  • Offers tons of grip
  • Thinner than most gloves
  • Great for wet and dry conditions
  • Costs a few extra bucks – but for me, it’s all worth it

2. Layout Ultimate Frisbee Gloves – Sturdy frisbee gloves

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Second on this list is the Layout Frisbee Gloves. If your hands got really sore, sweaty or if you love playing on a rainy or cold place this is the perfect gloves for you. The combination of tough materials, looks and performance make this gloves popular among players.

The Layout Frisbee Gloves uses a very breathable mesh material to keep your hands from sweating. It has different sizes to accommodate your hands accordingly.

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The gloves are thick and sturdy, it will definitely hold up pretty well. Using the gloves is comfortable and you will notice that your grip on the disc is much better. You can also use the gloves in dry or wet conditions.

  • Breathable mesh material
  • Great grip
  • Velcro might fall apart during extensive use. Layout should make the velcro more durable (Tip: you can use a few rubber bands to tie them closed)

3. Huck Nation Beta 3 – Best seamless frisbee gloves in the market

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The Huck Nation Beta 3 gloves has a seamless knit design to help you catch and throw discs securely. The polymer coating on it will give you a natural feel and almost like playing with your bare hands.

The main selling point of this gloves is its price. It costs less than the Layout and Mint gloves but it can still give you an additional grip even with sweaty hands. Another good thing about the Beta 3 is, it is also great for general use.

  • Comfortable to use
  • Affordable
  • If you’re after the looks, the seamless design might be not for you

4. Under Armour F4 Football Gloves – Also great for playing football

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Next on the list is the Under Armour F4 Footbal Gloves. Now, as the name suggests, it is a dedicated football gloves but you can also use it while playing Ultimate Frisbee. The gloves are great if you are a thrower, it has a massive amount of grip which will make you a better thrower.

The gloves are also comfortable to use and it has the patented HeatGear materials to keep your hands dry and cool. My only gripe about it is, it gets less sticky when dirty. So, you have to clean it always to regain their stickiness.

  • Huge amount of grip (when clean)
  • Comfortable
  • Loses its stickiness when they get dirty or dusty

5. Friction Ultimate Frisbee Gloves – An all-weather gloves

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If you’re a heavy sweater then the Friction Gloves is for you. They are comfortable to use even when wet. The grip and control of the gloves is adequate. But the Layout Ultimate and the Mint Cutter is tackier.

The gloves has rubberized palm and fingers to provide more grip whether its warm or cold weather. It has an added grip for your throwing finger for more control as well.

The gloves have bigger sizes, it goes up to XXL for men, and up to L for women. But be careful, their sizing is a little misleading and the fitting is not that good. Make sure you order one size up just to be on the safe side.

  • Great for all weather conditions
  • Clean design
  • Although the gloves are tacky, there are tackier gloves in the market with the same price point

Benefits of Using Gloves for Ultimate Frisbee

If you skeptical about using gloves, I suggest that you try one or all of the gloves that I reviewed above when playing on a rainy condition or if you sweat a lot. Using gloves while playing frisbee offers a lot of benefits.

  • It will give you more grip. As a result, it will give you better performance during rainy weather
  • Limits or totally prevents hand pain (depends on how long you play)
  • You will feel more comfortable using gloves during wet or rainy conditions and even in dry conditions
  • Can help you with your sweaty hands


Most of the time, players like to play with bare hands even in a rainy weather. But I can assure you that using ultimate frisbee gloves will vastly improve your grip and performance. After all, you can use these gloves on other things as well and the investment needed is pretty minimal.

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