Top 5 Tennis Forums

For one of the most popular sports in the world there are surprisingly few tennis forums that are popular enough to be worth visiting. Forums tend to offer a different perspective on things from the typical news and media sites and can be great places to find the latest stories about your favourite players.

Forum users tend to find interesting articles that you would never find in your daily browsing, and there is often some great conversation about players, matches and tournaments that are worth getting involved with. So, here are our recommendations for the top 5 tennis forums online.

1. Mens Tennis Forums

One of the busiest forums out there with a huge range of topics covered. Apart from keeping up to date with the latest match results they have boards for individual players and tournaments as well as sections for the challenger and futures tours.

2. Talk About Tennis Forum

The usual conversation about the ATP and WTA tours is matched with sections on improving your tennis game and some fun fantasy tennis competitions and prediction challenges. Not as big  as Mens Tennis Forums but it’s a good community.

3. Tennis Warehouse Forum

This forum is an ideal place for those looking for advice on tennis equipment with popular boards on racquets, strings and clothing. They also have instructional and fitness sections as well as talk about past and present players and the usual results board.

4. Tennis Forums

This site has various boards, but the really busy sections are the tournament chat areas. They discuss the latest action on and off the court and there is usually some interesting debate about the players.


One for the gamblers out there and it’s a goldmine for those who love statistics. The primary purpose is to share betting tips and you can place virtual wagers on any of the ATP and WTA matches, but there is usually some good conversation about the day’s matches. They have a comprehensive collection of player statistics and their software highlights interesting trends for each match.


These are the forums I tend to visit most, but if you can think of any more that are worth adding to the list please feel free to suggest them through the comments. These sites offer a different way of finding out the latest news and finding other people who are fans of your favourite players. If you contribute to the communities you can connect with some great people and learn a lot about the game.

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