The Best Volleyballs of 2018 – Indoor & Outdoor

For an untrained eye, a ball is just any other ball. However, professional leagues do have some stringent requirements regarding the volleyball. After all, even the slightest inconsistency in the ball can make a huge difference in a tight match. However, if

you are just playing for fun, choose a ball that is easy to use and can improve your game at the same time.

For those who don’t know, outdoor volleyballs are less pressurized than indoor volleyballs. Basically, no two volleyballs are the same. So, let’s introduce you to the top 3 indoor volleyballs and outdoor volleyballs.



Top 3 Indoor Volleyballs 2018

1. Tachikara SV-5WSC 

This ball is designed for recreational play and professional leagues. It’s exactly like the volleyballs we get to see in the tournaments. Despite being soft on touch, it can take a lot of hard hits, which is why it’s perfect for practice or competitive use.

The volleyball is built to last, and its Patented Loose Bladder Construction offers unmatched control. Just a word of caution- It’s not a soccer ball. If you constantly kick volleyballs, expect a shorter lifespan. Sorry, the volleyball won’t forgive you for treating it like crap!


The ball is easy on one’s forearms. Therefore, your hands won’t hurt. Also, it keeps perfect air pressure, so it’s not too hard to hit. Moreover, it maintains its shape over time. So, the volleyball scores well from the quality and durability standpoint.

The color is nice too, and it cleans up well. The brand, Tachikara is well-known in the volleyball industry for their high-quality products. They have been long-time manufacturers of volleyball equipment.


Don’t feel cheated if you see a deflated product inside the non-fancy packaging. Unlike retail orders, some units arrive deflated in a plastic bag.

The makers state that the changing weather during transit can over-inflate or deflate the volleyball. As a result, the volleyball can get defective. Therefore, they prefer to ship it deflated.

2. Molten FLISTATEC Volleyball

The official ball of the NCAA, Molten FLISTATEC Volleyball is FIVB approved. It’s a high-quality ball with the right cushioning and non-slippery material to make serving, passing, and hitting the ball an easy affair. The balance and the weight are just about perfect. If you like power, this volleyball is ideal for you!


The hexagon shape separates it from the crowd. The shape provides better grip, touch, and control. Moreover, the volleyball responds well to hitting and passing and holds air for a long time. So, one doesn’t have to pump the ball frequently.

It’s available in three colors, red, white, and green. Also, Molten FLISTATEC Volleyball is backed by a two-year warranty.


If you are coming from a different brand, you will find the ball a little hard. So, some players may take some time to adjust to it.

3. Mikasa MVA200 2016 Rio Olympic Game Ball

This ball is a real tycoon. It’s the official ball of 2008, 2012, and 2016 Indoor Olympics. So, it’s clearly meant for intense and exciting play. The unique blend of bright yellow and blue color makes it really eye-catching.

As a result, players are able to pick the ball fast and react much better and faster. The skin of the ball resists sweat, so the playability is not compromised even through long playing sessions. Overall, it’s a high-quality firm ball that allows good movement.


It’s not the official Olympic ball for nothing. It looks good, feels right, and it performs well.
The ball has a nice ingrained grip aligned around it. Even after months of use, it might seem that it’s only a couple of weeks old.


This ball can be non-forgiving because it loves being hit hard, if you’re a beginner or you purchase it for your kids, you will have to deflate the ball slightly to avoid red forearms. Ouch!!

Top 3 Outdoor/Beach Volleyballs 2018

1. Wilson Official AVP Outdoor Game Volleyball

It’s an official high-quality AVP outdoor ball. It’s quite solid and soft at the same time. In simple words, the ball is neither too hard nor too soft. So, it’s perfect for kids as well as adults because it’s easy on their arms. Moreover, the feel and texture are unmatched too. Die-hard fans of this volleyball swear by it.


You can rely on this volleyball for a lot of competitive and practice sessions. The skin holds up well to outdoor use. For instance, it can handle windy conditions better than its competition. Moreover, it stays in good, round shape even after a year of regular use.


Sometimes, you will have to let some air out of the ball to make it soft. Since it doesn’t come with anything to adjust air pressure, you will need a separate needle to release the air.

2. Wilson Cast Away Volleyball


Looking for an eye candy beach volleyball? Fan of Tom Hanks and his only buddy on an isolated island? Wilson Cast Away Volleyball will fit the bill over here. It’s the replica of Wilson from the popular movie Cast Away. It’s a perfect piece for playing cool volleyball and scaring people as well.

It’s machine sewn and formulated from genuine leather. The multi-ply lining provides extra durability. Overall, it’s a good volleyball of official outdoor volleyball size with excellent graphics. It could be the talk of every game that you play. Just don’t lose it in the middle of the beach so you don’t have to cry and say “Wilson, I’m sorry!!”


It can take a lot of beatings. Moreover, Wilson’s face doesn’t wear off easily. The image is the same that you see in the movie. It has the movie logo on one side, so it’s good for display as well.
For the feel and quality, the product is quite inexpensive. So, it can’t be beaten for its price point.


Don’t expect pillow-touch feeling with this ball. Customer reviews suggest that the ball is quite hard.

3. Wilson Soft Play Outdoor Volleyball

Ideal for recreational play and amazement, Wilson soft play volleyball is an affordable piece of volleyball equipment. Being a softer ball, it’s easier on the player’s wrist. The lightweight makes it perfect for kids to develop their volleyball skills. Also, the seams, logo, air, and color hold up well. Moreover, the 18-panel machine sewn construction offers great durability.


The volleyball is soft, durable, and it’s available in multiple colors. Most players love the soft and smooth touch. The price is on the lower end of the spectrum for the product of this quality.

It comes inflated, which means that you can start playing with the ball right off the package. Moreover, the ball is of standard regulation weight and size.

Customer reviews suggest that the product is quite durable. They don’t just last a season, but more than a year. Just make sure that you don’t kick the ball because the stitches will fall apart.


It’s good for outdoor play, but not perfect for pool play like most volleyball out there. The chlorinated water will hamper the product life. Moreover, it’s not a professional level ball. But, good for amateur players or as an extra ball for practice.

Things to Consider when Choosing a Volleyball

Let’s face it, shopping for volleyball in the crowded online territory is not as easy as stealing candy from a 3-year-old baby. Unless you are a smart ass, someone will dupe you into buying knockoffs. We have already listed some of the best products in the market today.

However, we don’t mind going past the boundaries of a normal reviewer and offer you some valuable shopping tips. So, here are some of the things that you need to consider while shopping for volleyballs.

Indoor or Outdoor?

First and foremost, decide whether you want an indoor volleyball or an outdoor volleyball. Outdoor volleyballs are generally stitched, while indoor volleyballs are molded. The seams around the panels also look different.

For outdoor play, use bright colored volleyballs to improve visibility. In this manner, you will be able to pass or hit the ball even in the bright sun. The 6 volleyballs I reviewed above are great for competitions and casual plays.

Make sure that the volleyball you choose meets the high school standards. There are some height, weight, and size regulations out there. So, know them before you reach out to your wallet to finalize the deal.


Generally, volleyballs are affordable so if you need volleyball for regular use, spend money on good quality volleyball. Depending on the leather grade, the leather volleyballs are the best ones out there. They are generally used in competitive leagues.

Don’t go for replica products. That’s not the smart way to eat the cost. Although the replica ones out there are cheap, they don’t last long, and they will fail to offer a terrific user experience.


While most teens and adults can play with heavier balls, it’s advisable to shop for a lightweight volleyball for your kids. A heavier one can hurt his/her hands. If you have already bought something that hurts, deflate some air to make it soft.


Even though the market is flooded with volleyballs, our picks are the most sought-after ones in the industry. These are hands down some of the best volleyballs in the market today. We have gone to the lengths and expense to hunt down this information for you. You can finally make progress with your purchase decision.







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