The Best Disc Golf Bag 2021 – Reviews & Guide

As a disc golfer, having a reliable bag is a must. Depends on what type of player you are, you may need a small bag that can carry 5 to 10 discs or a medium bag that can carry 10 to 30 discs. There are lots of brands and models out there, the good news is, I am going to share my reviews and opinion for the best disc golf bags whether you’re starting out or competing in high-level games.

Top 5 Bags for Disc Golf 2021

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1. Fade Crunch Box – Best Medium Disc Golf Bag

medium dg bags


  • Great bag that doesn’t break the bank
  • Large storage space for a medium-sized bag
  • Very durable
  • I wish they include a zipper in the outside pocket

The Fade Crunch Box is a great medium sized bag that has 10 to 12 disc capacity. It caught the hearts of different range of players. It is lightweight yet very durable. At the top flap has a mesh zipper pocket that you can use to put your scorecard and other small things.

Inside the bag has a divider to sort and split your discs. At the front of the bag there is a large pocket with 2 pencil holders. It also has a tough towel clip. On the side of the bag is a large pocket with small utility pockets inside it for additional storage. Another great thing that I liked about this bag is its drink carrier, it can carry a 1-liter drink!

The Fade Crunch Box’s padded strap is really nice. It feels comfortable and heavy-duty. The 4 point strap connection for backpack-style straps is another nice feature of this bag. All in all, this is a great and affordable bag I just wished that the outside pockets has a zipper though.

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2. Innova Champion Discs Standard Bag – Best Disc Golf Bag For Beginners

beginners disc golf bag


  • Well-built
  • Useful pockets
  • The velcro dividers can move a lot

The Innova Champion is a popular bag among beginners. But experienced players love this bag too because of its great features like lightweight, water resistant, durable and it is easy to carry around. This wonderful bag can fit in 8 -10 discs nicely. Inside the bag has multiple velcro dividers to split your discs.

It has a nice exterior putter pocket that can fit up to 2 discs. On the side of the bag, there is a water bottle pocket which in my experience can fit up to 32 oz bottle . On the other side, there is a zipper pocket to put your keys, notes, phone or scorecards. The bag’s stitching is pretty tough that makes the bag durable. It can really last a long time.

The Innova Champion’s zipper is really smooth, you can never have a hard time opening and closing it. It is a great bag to have especially when you don’t want to spend a lot of money for a bag.

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3. NutSac Bag – Best Small Disc Golf Bag

best small disc golf bag


  • Portable and light
  • Very durable
  • A great looking bag
  • The strap could have been longer

The Nutsac is the best small disc golf bag. It is lightweight, simple and reliable. Don’t let the bag’s cuteness fool you. This bag is tough and made out of high-quality cannonball canvass which makes the bag built to last. It has a great big pocket in front for your keys, phones and other small valuables.

The interior compartment of the Nutsac can store up to 6 discs. The discs fit snugly inside the bag so you can expect that they won’t fall out even if the bag is open. It comes with a long strap and because of its ultra lightweight, you can even wear the bag while throwing.

Lastly, the bag comes in three colors. I particularly liked the color brown, makes the bag more vintage and classy!

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4. Latitude 64 Luxury Backpack Disc Golf Bag – Best Disc Golf Backpack

disc golf backpacks


  • Tons of storage space
  • Awesome design and colors (especially the camo)
  • Nice little features like umbrella pocket, pencil holders and bottom plastic sleeve
  • Only comes with 6 months warranty

The Latitude 64 Luxury bag is a great looking bag that is gaining more and more fans through out the years. This bag is true to its name, it is really a luxury bag. This bag has lots of great features that every player will love. That is why many players also use this in tournaments.

I will start with the bag’s storage. Its capacity is one of the largest in the market today for this type of bag. It has different pockets for more discs storage. It can store up to 20 discs in its main storage furthermore, if you fully utilized all the storage and side pockets, overall the bag can fit 28-30 discs. It also has a little removable divider.

The Latitude 64 Luxury has these tough side walls which help the bag last longer. In the bottom of the bag is a plastic sleeve to prevent any moisture if you set the bag on the ground. On the exterior, the digi camo with touch of black is a great color and in the lower exterior pocket has a black imitated leather. It gives the bag a clean look.

The bag has a very useful umbrella pocket with adjustable strap keeping your umbrella to stand firmly. There’s actually 3 different locations for pencils, each location holds 2 pencils. One is by the putter pocket on the front, one between the drink holder and bottom section of the umbrella holder and one on the top near the handle of the straps.

The large drink carrier has a drawstring, with a small hole at the bottom that can popped out any drippage. Lastly, the bag has a nice double putter pocket where you can reach back and grab a putter while walking towards the pin.

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5. Innova Champion DISCarrier Disc Golf Bag – Best Bag For Tournament

innova-discarrier - for tournament


  • Made with high-quality materials
  • Lighter compared to other large bags
  • Big pockets
  • Bulky

A light, solid and well-built bag, the Innova DISCarrier is the popular choice for tournaments. It has large storage that can hold 20 to 25+ discs. It is water resistant with reinforced bottom to prevent the bag from folding up.

The great thing about this bag is its pockets are so big. You can put a lot of things in this bag. First, it has an extra wide putter pocket, a mini compartment and pencil holder in the front. While on the side of the bag, there is a smaller pocket with a cell phone compartment and a larger compartment with 3 smaller compartments inside it.

The Innova DISCarrier has two drink holders, both can hold nalgene containers. Lastly, I recommend getting the backpack straps to make this bag easier to carry even packed full. The bag is really a good investment.

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What To Look For In A Good Disc Golf Bag

Storage Capacity

You should choose a disc bag that fits all the discs you’re planning to use. Do take note that you should pick a bag that can also accommodate your other stuff like mobile phones, score card, towel and a water bottle.


It should be well-built and sturdy. It should also carry all your stuff easily and comfortably without ripping off at the seams. The bag should also withstand being wet and keep your discs and other things inside the bag dry always.


The price depends on the model and the storage capacity. I believed that all the bags in this list has great value for money and they are pretty good investments.


There are many different disc golf bags in many different features and price ranges. I believed that the bags that I reviewed are helpful enough for you to choose what’s the best for you. If you are a beginner buy a smaller bag at first then as you go higher definitely, you need a much bigger bag that can accommodate more discs.

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