The Best Croquet Set – 2020 Guide

There is a lot to consider when you’re searching for the best croquet set. There are croquet sets for the family, enthusiasts and professional players. Usually, these sets are made for 4, 6, and 8 players and comes with a set of balls, mallets, pegs/stakes, wickets, and a carrying case.

My useful suggestions will make it much easier for you to recognize a quality croquet set and select the right one for you or for your family. Below is my croquet set top picks that will surely make your garden games much more enjoyable.

best croquet set

5 Best Croquet Sets of 2020





1. Baden Deluxe Series Croquet Set – Best Backyard Croquet Set

best croquet sets



This is an affordable croquet set, it is perfect for some backyard croquet game. The Baden Deluxe set is designed for 6 players. You will get 6 hardwood mallets, 6 colored poly-resin balls, 2 solid hardwood endposts, 9 heavy duty steel wickets, 1 durable nylon carrying bag and a complete set of croquet rules.

This is a decent croquet set, the mallets, balls and wickets are all well-made and durable. The mallet handle is 28″ long, its length is perfect for everyone including kids. This is perfect if you love playing outdoor games without breaking the bank.

2. Scottsdale Croquet Set by North Meadow – Best Quality Croquet Set




This high-quality croquet set comes with 6 robust hardwood mallets with 8-1/2″ heads and 30″ handles, 6 3-5/16 inch poly balls, 9 steel wickets, 2 24-inch goal stakes, 1 nylon storage bag and 1 instruction/rule book. Now, this set is really on a different level in term of quality.

The mallets of this set are made from hard maple, making them really durable and can stand the test of time. The mallets length is 30 inches making it great for adults but the kids can handle them comfortably as well. Another great thing about this set is the carrying bag is big enough to fit the mallets without disassembling them.

3. Crown Sporting Goods Six Player Deluxe Croquet Set-  Great Starter Set for All Ages




The Crown Croquet Set is a great alternative if you’re not satisfied with the Baden Croquet Set. This set is also perfect for backyard activity with your friends and family. Each set includes 6 32-inch hardwood mallets, 9 vinyl-coated steel wickets, 2 21-inch hardwood stakes, 6 3″ polymer balls and a carrying bag.

The mallets are made of wood and it looks like it can take a beating. The wickets are also sturdy. Like most affordable croquet sets, the mallets will not fit in the bag without removing the heads.

4. Franklin Sports Six Player Croquet Set




The Franklin Croquet Set is another popular equipment among players. From intermediate(the most basic set) to vintage sets(highest quality among them), there are actually 4 designs to choose from. All of the designs includes 6 wood mallets, 6 balls, 9 all weather coated bent wire wickets, 2 stakes and a carrying bag.

The intermediate and classic designs are on the basic side having a lesser quality and a traditional carrying bag while the expert and vintage design having the highest quality and a carrying bag with wheels for much easier transport.

5. Eastport Personalized Croquet Set by North Meadow




One of the top sets in the market today. The set is similar to the Scottsdale set above the main difference of this set is, you can actually personalize the mallets with custom engraving making it great as a gift. Each set includes 6 hardwood mallets, 6 polymer balls, 9 steel wickets, 2 goal stakes and a traditional English case.

The beautiful study mallets can take a lot of beating and the wickets are made from powder coated wire that can last several decades without rusting.


What is Croquet?

Croquet is one of the most popular lawn games for the family like the bocce ball. You need to hit the wooden or plastic croquet balls with a mallet through metal wickets.

Which croquet set is right for me?

It all depends on your budget, size of your family and if you want a high-end or entry level set.  There are different sets for different family sizes. Most croquet sets are made for 4-8 players.

Durability is a must when buying sets. Avoid buying sets with low durability. Another important thing is the croquet mallets should not break easily.

Cheap sets usually don’t last long and have weak balls and mallets. 


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