Tennis Ball Machine for Beginners 2017

Tennis ball machines are great tools to improve your game. They are portable and easy to carry around too. There are different types of portable tennis ball machines for everyone. There are machines for beginners, advanced and pro players. These machines are definitely worthy investments. Today, I will discuss the tennis ball machine loved by many novice players.

Best Tennis Ball Machine for Beginners in 2017

Editor’s Pick: Lobster Elite Liberty

Pros: Consistent ball placement and speed. Ideal for beginners and intermediate players.

Cons: Charging the battery is slow

best tennis ball machine for beginners


I like to introduce to you the Lobster Elite Liberty Tennis Ball Machine. Why is this good for beginners? Well, I personally used this machine and it really challenged me to improve my game. It has features that are good for beginners and intermediate players as well. So, you can use this machine without upgrading for a very long time. It also means you can save money in the long run.


The Elite Liberty has a full corner-to-corner random horizontal oscillation function. The speed range of the machine is between 20 to 70 mph while its feed rate is 2 to 10 seconds. You can expect a great amount of challenge with this features. For beginners, start slow then gradually increase the speed as you progresses.

eltie liberty control panel

Elite Liberty’s simple control panel.

The machine can also generate topspin and backspin you can set it in the control panel. As you can see in the image above, the controls are very straightforward. You can set all the functions that you needed with a simple turn. The machine’s ball capacity is up to 150 tennis balls.

Players can practice their overheads easily thanks to the Liberty’s up to 50-degree lobs. The machine is battery powered and you can play up to 4 hours before recharging.

The weight of the Liberty is only 35 lbs. so you can easily transport it around. The big wheels are helpful too! Now, the bad thing about the machine is the included charger. It is so basic and slow! This will make you buy the fast charger that is worth more than $100.

Of course, you can just use the basic charger without having to spend on an upgraded charger. But in my opinion, the basic charger is enough if you are starting out.


The Lobster Elite Liberty is really a great tennis ball machine for beginners and for some advanced players too. Sure, it lacks some advanced features from the other higher models but the machine is enough for those who are starting out and have a limited budget. If the features are not enough for you, read my article about the Lobster Elite 2 here or my review of the best tennis ball machines here.

best tennis ball machine for beginners

Features a random horizontal oscillation, different settings for feed rate, spin and speed all in a very portable package.


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