Pickleball Rules

Pickleball was created in 1965 and it is a combination between tennis and table tennis. The inventors created this game because they wanted a game that the whole family could play. Pickle was the families dog and he would always chase and hide the ball. This created the name Pickle’s ball and shorten to Pickleball. Pickleball is played in schools, camps, and retirement homes and is a fast growing sport and hobby in the United States.

The Game

When playing in pickleball tournaments, the first team to win 2 out of 3 matches wins. The game is finish when the first team reaches 11 points and they also have to be leading by at least 2 points.

Another type of game rule is the first team to reach 15 points wins and needs to be leading by at least 2 points.


Underhand stroke must always be used when serving. You must server diagonally opposite on the other side of the court. When the serving team scores, they will switch positions after each score. The other team who is receiving does not alternate positions.


Only the serving team can score the points. The first team to score 11 points and leading by at least 2 points wins the match.

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