The Best Pickleball Paddle Reviews 2018 – Ultimate Guide

Pickleball is a great sport and it is gaining more and more popularity throughout the years. It is a fun sport and great for the family too. Whether you’re starting to play, have some experience or wanted to compete in tournaments choosing the best pickleball paddle is essential. Remember, the paddle is an extension of your arm, so you need a paddle that is reliable and easy to master.

5 Best Pickleball Paddles 2018




amazin aces

1. Gamma Voltage 2.0 Pickleball Paddle – Best for advanced and pro players


  • Top of the line pickleball paddle with lots of great features
  • Very durable
  • Comfortable to use
  • No dead spots
  • Grip is a bit small

The Gamma Voltage is a premium and well-made pickleball paddle. You can see this paddle often in the hands of players at the highest level of competition. But many beginners loved it too!

It is responsive and it weighs just 7.6 oz, so expect that you can easily maneuver the ball. Thanks to its honeycomb core, this pickleball paddle gives the users a perfect balance of power, control and feel.

The Gamma Voltage 2.0 is made out of carbon fiber which makes it very durable. As you hold the paddle, you quickly notice its outstanding feel. It has a minimalistic design but it has a lot of additional features like:

  • GAMMA’s reinforced Live Periphery Frame – makes the paddle so responsive and eliminates dead spots
  • GAMMA Flush-Fit – According to Gamma, this feature increases the hitting area by 30%
  • GAMMA Unibody handle – Increased the paddle’s durability, stability and feel
  • GAMMA PB Contour Grip – For additional grip and absorption of moisture

2. Rally Graphite Pickleball Paddle – Durable paddle with a big sweet spot



  • Has a BIG sweet spot
  • The included grip is really helpful
  • Easy to control
  • The handle seems have a soft feel on it

The Rally Graphite is a fine and lightweight paddle. The graphite face is very durable and provides a bigger sweet spot adding more pop to your every shot. It is also a very responsive paddle, you can expect that you will hit your shots with precision.

The paddle’s Winn Dry Grip feature gives you great gripping power while keeping you comfortable. The more your hands get wet, the more sticky it becomes. While using the Rally Graphite you can easily notice that you have great control of the ball. The paddle is also an eye candy, the stylish look is really a plus!

3. Onix Graphite Z5 Pickleball Paddle – Power and spin paddle

Onix Graphite Z5


  • Wide body that provides bigger sweet spot
  • Has a good power and control
  • Great build quality
  • Less forgiving than the two graphite paddles above

The Onix Z5 Graphite is a wonderful pickleball paddle designed by Steve Wong, a pickleball ambassador and a nationally ranked champion. The paddle was made with graphite that provides durability and great playability. It is also a lightweight paddle weighing an average of 8 oz.

The Onix Z5 has a widebody surface that adds a bigger sweet spot. If you’re familiar playing table tennis, once you hold the Z5 you will immediately notice that its handle is like most table tennis rackets. The paddle also offers a great balance of speed, control and power. The Z5 is good for all types of players.

4. Champion Pickleball Paddle – Oversized paddle and a great all-rounder



  • Great all-around paddle
  • Responsive, oversized surface
  • Light and powerful
  • Less durable than other graphite paddles

The Champion Pickleball Paddle is a great starter paddle that beginners love so much but lately, I noticed that many experienced players use it too. This lightweight paddle is also popular among women because it is easy to swing and to handle.

The good thing about this paddle is, it comes with two grip sizes so whether your hands are small or big, it will surely fit you.

The paddle’s construction is engineered to give its users a good balance between power and control. It also has an oversized surface that gives the players plenty of sweet spot. The Champion paddle can also slice beautifully so you can expect that your game will improve by a lot.

5. Amazin’ Aces Pickleball Paddle Bundle – Great paddle if you like wood paddles


  • Perfect for beginners
  • Simple and inexpensive
  • Comes with 4 jugs pickleballs
  • Durable wood paddle
  • Heavier paddles

Great for beginners, for schools and other local organizations, the Amazin’ Aces Wood pickleball paddle is the perfect choice if you’re looking for inexpensive and a lighter wood pickleball paddle. Typically, wood paddles are weighing more than 11 oz but the paddles has an average of 10.3 oz.

These paddles are heavier than their graphite counterpart, the Amazin’ Aces Graphite Pickleball Paddle Bundle. But both are suitable for beginners.

It can help beginners to practice their swing smoothly so that if they will move to higher level paddles, they can easily master them and apply all the things that they have learned. Additionally, the paddle’s grip is exceptional for its price. The handle is ribbed, padded and has a nice feel to it.

How To Choose A Pickleball Paddle

There are many different types of pickleball paddles which are made in different sizes, weight, and materials. This section will explain the different types of pickleball paddles and you will be able to make a decision on which is best specifically for you.


Pickleball paddle prices usually starts at $20 and can go up to $110 or more. The price usually depends on the materials used and features. If you have the budget, I suggest go one step up and get a premium paddle that will last a very long time.

Pickleball Paddles Size

Wide paddle size – These type of pickleball paddles are best used for beginners because of its large hitting surface.

Small paddle size – These type of paddles are used more by advanced players because it’s lighter and more accurate than the other pickleball paddles.

Medium paddle size   These type of paddles are the most common and gives you a good balance of weight and handle length.


Light Pickleball Paddles –  These type of paddles are faster and able to maneuver better. Since the paddles are light, it will take longer before your arms get tired. The paddles are typically picked by many users because it so easy on the arms and performs better than most heavier paddles. The disadvantage of having a lighter paddle is that you will have to hit the ball with more force.

Heavy Pickleball Paddles – These type of paddles hit the ball with more power. Since the weight delivers more force, you don’t have to use such a big swing to deliver power. The disadvantage of having a heavier paddle is that your arms will get tired faster. These type of pickleball paddles are best used for bigger players.


Plastic – This material is the cheapest and a light type of paddle. These are mostly used in schools and are usually bought in sets. Average weight: 7.5 ounces. 

Wood – This material is the second cheapest and a heavy type of paddle. These are mostly used by bigger players who are on a budget. Average weight: 11 ounces. 

Composite – This material is durable and light. These are mostly used by enthusiasts who enjoy high quality and comfortable material. Average weight: 8 ounces.

Graphite/Carbon Fiber – This material is for the high-end pickleball paddles. It is light and the strongest of all material. These are mostly used by those who want the best equipment. Average weight: 8 ounces. 


Now that you know the different types of pickleball paddles you are able to choose which best fits your personal preference and budget. If you are a beginner and low on budget get a wood paddle at first. But if you like a paddle that will greatly improve your game and will last for a long time get a composite or graphite paddles. Now, go get yourself a great pickleball paddle and continue to grow as a player.

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