Best Bowling Ball Cleaner – The Most Effective in 2018

Our bowling balls need a lot of care. While playing, bowling balls can accumulate a lot of dirt, marks, grime and lane oil. If we leave them dirty, they will start to deteriorate and their lifespan will greatly reduce. That’s why it is important to clean them and use only the best bowling ball cleaners to protect them.

Looking fo a ball cleaner to use during sanctioned play or for prior to or after a competition? Are you concerned as to whether a cleaner can really remove oil, the only “dirt” that affects the performance of a ball? Read below what are the most effective bowling ball cleaners in 2017

Top 3 Bowling Ball Cleaner Reviews

1. Monster Tac Ball Cleaner

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The Monster Tac Ball Cleaner is a popular choice among bowlers. You can use it when you’re on the lanes or when you’re completed with your bowling sessions. It can really wipe off dirt and oil on the surface and the belt marks from the ball.

Monster Tac can also effectively clean grime or grease that the ball might pick up from the ball traveling from the pin deck back to the ball return unit.

It’s approved for use by the USBC which is important, so you could use it during competition league play tournaments. Additionally, the ball cleaner is safe to use on all types of bowling ball coverstocks.

Many times the ball will come back with so much dirt (or whatever it is) from the return machinery that can affect the coverstock/ball reaction altogether. This is also true on a polished ball. A good solution for this is, you can always have the cleaner with you to clean the balls in the middle of a competition or certainly when you’re finished bowling.

Monster Tac is easy to use. You can just spray a small amount on a microfiber towel and rub it on your bowling ball. After that, you’ll notice a decisive ball motion change because of the dirt and the oil cleaned off the surface of the ball. It will help the ball react more consistently from the breakpoint to the pocket.

2. Storm Reacta Shine

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This is another product that’s really effective for cleaning bowling balls. You can also use it for cleaning balls with a shinier surface. The cleaner is proven effective for cleaning large black belt marks, it can remove them fairly easily.

It also polishes the balls and as a result, the balls look greater while adding a generous amount of tackiness and giving them great backend reaction.

The Storm Reacta Shine is USBC approved so you do not have to worry using it on leagues. Cleaning bowling balls with it is fairly easy even without a ball spinner. Just apply onto the ball and rub it using a microfiber towel.

3. Neo-Tac Hook-It

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Neo-Tac Hook-It is one of the most powerful cleansers. It can practically remove everything from track rings to belt marks but it is only approved before and after sanctioned events. That is why it is the last on my list.

Cleaning the ball with it gives you an excellent hooking performance hence the name “Hook-It”.

Since the Hook-It is so strong, in my opinion, you should only use this at your home while wearing a pair of gloves, remember that!

I would also like to add that the “prior to/after” cleaners are stronger. They clean more dirt and grime off the ball cover than approved “during” cleaners in general.

If you like to clean the ball during a game, take a white paper towel and always remove the grime and use an approved cleaner during games. That’s to be the key for long lasting ball life.

Tips When Choosing A Bowling Ball Cleaner

  1. Avoid cleaners with toxic smell – It may choke you and can stink up the house.
  2. Dedicated bowling ball cleaners are very affordable. Some people I know use acetone. I do not recommend it. Don’t use an acetone – it will ruin the balls.
  3. Every drop counts – make sure that the cleaner you choose can truly remove oil and dirt even if you only apply a small amount.
  4. Prior to/after cleaners are generally stronger than during cleaners. However, during cleaners can be a game saver since you can use them to clean the balls during sanctioned events and can instantly restore the ball’s performance.


Whether you’re a casual player or competing in leagues, taking good care of our bowling balls is a must. It’s good to know that we have several great options to keep our equipment clean and to extend the lifespan of our beloved bowling balls.

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