Best Electric Tennis Ball Machine – Lobster Phenom 2 Review

lobster phenom 2 review


In 1970 the tennis ball machine industry met its new front runner, Lobster Sports. Lobster sports was a remake of an older company that was entirely unsuccessful. The founder of Lobster Sports, Harry Guiditta came in and bought the bankrupt company and reformed it. He redesigned and replaced every machine every bought by the prior company for absolutely no charge. His grandson now carries on his legacy at Lobster Sports along with his wife.

Why Phenom 2 is the Best Electric Tennis Ball Machine?

The Phenom 2 tennis ball machine by Lobster Sports is the top of the line machine and part of their club series. This machine is a stationary machine and is electric.

Features – The Phenom 2 has everything you could even imagine in a tennis ball machine. It holds 250 balls and is 99 lbs. It boasts speeds of 35-80 mph and can create top and back spin on the ball. The feed intervals on this machine are between 2 and 9 seconds with the option for random intervals as well.


The elevation of the machine is electronically adjusted from 0-50 degrees. The oscillation options of the Phenom 2 are very innovative. It has random horizontal, random vertical, triple oscillation and fully random. Triple oscillation means that the ball will move at random depths but the speed and spin of the ball is controlled.

The fully random oscillation option allows the ball to go in random directions at different heights AND different speeds and spin.

The Phenom 2 allows you to program 6 different custom drills with 6 shots in each drill. The Phenom 2 also has 12 preprogrammed drills that characterize different styles of play and levels of players such as Moonballer or intermediate. With this machine, you can also select a position such as narrow, medium or wide.

Remote accessories – The Phenom 2 tennis ball machine has a couple of different remote options that are bought separately.

  • Android remote – When you purchase this remote option you are given a receiver that is operated through Bluetooth and an app that you download on your android phone. The app allows you to control all of the features of the machine from your phone. You can also purchase a similar option for i-phones.
  • Grand remote – The Grand remote is a 20 function remote that allows you to control the tennis ball machine wirelessly.

What type of customer would be best suited for this machine?

The Phenom 2 tennis ball machine by Lobster Sports is best suited for club use or a professional who owns their own court. Since the Phenom 2 is not portable it would be best for someone who has a permanent place to keep the machine or for club purposes. If you want some portable tennis machine, take a look at the Lobster Elite 2, Lobster Elite Freedom or see this article for more portable machines.

This machine is top of the line and the perfect tool for professionals to train on. All of the oscillation features and programmability make it a front runner for real match simulation.

Clubs could benefit from having the Phenom 2 because it is the best of the best and being electric means they wouldn’t have to worry about replacing batteries or charging them between guests at the club.

The Phenom 2 leaves no feature untouched and every aspect of tennis training is considered. The Phenom 2 tennis ball machine is a tennis ball machine lover’s dream come true.

lobster phenom 2 review




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