Lobster Elite 2 Review – Portable Tennis Ball Machine 2018

lobster elite model 2 review



  • Has different setting for amateurs and advanced players
  • Good battery life
  • Relatively compact


  • Included charger may destroy the battery if you overcharged it. You need to upgrade the charger for a reasonable price
  • The handles are at the bottom, which make it a little hard to pick-up

Lobster Elite Model 2 Review 2017

Lobster Sports offers customers four different tennis ball machines within the Elite category, these being the Elite Freedom economy model, and the Elite 1, 2, and 3.

The Lobster Elite tennis ball machine Model 2 has all of the required features in order to satisfy players of all abilities. It is also available at a reasonable price compared to other tennis ball machines which can cost around $2000 or more.

lobster elite model 2 review


It has all of the features you would expect to a high-quality tennis ball machine.


Power source

The tennis ball machine is operated through the use of batteries, the typical battery life is around 3-8 hours on normal use. It also includes a basic charger that is in my opinion, is not that good enough. I suggest that you buy the optional fast charger.


Oscillation is a key feature when comes to analyzing different tennis ball machines and this also be a major factor which can influence the cost of the actual machine.

It is important to observe how the machine will disperse balls around the court. Most of the basic machines will have random oscillation which means balls will be distributed to random parts of the tennis court.

The Lobster Elite tennis ball machine Model 2 offers three different oscillation types which include random, horizontal and vertical. This means that when using it you are actually simulating an actual live opponent.



The machine can also fire balls with both top spin and under spin. It can also fire balls at different angles between 0 and 50 degrees.

Speed range


This tennis ball machine can fire tennis balls between 10-80 mph which suits both beginner and advanced players. My advice is kids and beginners can start practicing at 10 mph while advanced players can go up to 80 mph right away.

Feed rate

It t fires at a rate of between 2-10 balls per second which is very suitable for beginners and advance players.

Ball capacity

The Elite 2 has a capacity to hold 150 tennis balls which is sufficient. Some much affordable tennis ball machine can only hold up to 50 balls.


The Elite 2 weighs 19.96kg which means it is relatively easy to transport the machine, it also has large 8-inch wheels which make it easy to move around the tennis court.


The machine also comes complete with a two-year warranty on parts and service.


There are also a range of optional extras available such as

  • Storage cover
  • Fast charger that can charge the machine in 3 to 9 hours
  • Premium fast charger that can charge the Elite 2 in 1 to 3 hours
  • External battery pack
  • Two-function wireless remote (which is really helpful by the way).


A few drawbacks of this machine are it is somewhat loud. While it cannot distract you,you may find this machine annoying if you hate the loud sound of a machine. Also, the handles are easy to break, you should be more careful about it. The last thing is the included charger is a little disappointing.


I would therefore strongly recommend the Lobster tennis ball machine Elite 2 Model as it has features for both beginner and advanced players. The speed rate is good and the ball capacity is enough for most players. The machine will dramatically improve your tennis game and it is available at a reasonable price.


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