5 Best Golf Grips for your Sweaty Hands – 2021

Playing golf is a really pleasurable sport, but after a few rounds of playing in the hot weather, sooner or later you will have to deal with very sweaty hands. Your club might slip out of your hands and you’ll find playing in that situation is not pleasurable at all.

A simple and effective solution among golfers with sweaty hands is to use golf club grips. I compiled a list of golf club grips that is proven effective by many golfers with different skill levels. Find out below!

5 Best Golf Grips For Sweaty Hands 2021

1. Winn Golf Club Grips Dri-Tac

The Winn Dri-Tac is one of the most effective grips in the market today. It has a soft feel, kinda like a spongy feel to it, gives you good traction and it doesn’t lose its tackiness even when damp. It is very comfortable to use and it makes you grip the club so much easier. You won’t feel like the golf club will slip.

Another great thing about the Winn Dri-Tac is you do not have to squeeze your club really tight as you swing, resulting in less stress on your hands and arms. This is great if you’re also suffering from arthritis. The slip-resistant surface works quite well. The grip does not slip in any conditions.

It is also a little thicker than average grips and that alone makes a big difference in controlling the angles of that club face that you’re timid to hit.

One thing you should note about the Winn Dri-Tac is they do wear quickly than some, but they are good for more than a season.

2. Golf Pride New Decade Multi-compound

This is another great option if you love corded grips. The Golf Pride New Decade Multi-compound also known as NDMC, is a soft, non-slip grip for all weather types. The corded portion will not chew your hands, so you can even play with it without gloves at all.

The grips are firm at the top and bottom half is soft and easy on the hands. The grips has a nice balance of feel and performance. Playing in the rain or in a hot weather, the grips will remain tacky and you will not lose a significant amount of grip.

NDMC grips are available in standard and mid sizes. Available colors are: black, red, blue, white, yellow and orange.

3. Lamkin UTX

Another popular all-weather grip on this list is the Lamkin UTX Grips. The grips does an excellent job of maintaining its tackiness even on wet conditions. Its shock absorption is pretty good too. The feedback and response of the UTX is excellent and again, I admire Lamkin for finding a good balance between feel and performance.

The grips are comfortable even without a glove. I’ve found out that the Lamkin UTX Grips performed even better in wet conditions. So, if you like playing in the rain or in a very hot weather the UTX is a great choice.

 4. Pure Grips DTX

If you love grips that are easy to install and remove, then you will definitely fall in love with Pure Grips DTX. With a simple blast of a compressed air, you can easily move the grips from club to club.

It has a unique multi-texture similar to a corded texture that gives the users a very nice grip and it never loses tackiness even if you have sweaty hands.  You can also swing without gloves but for me, it is tackier with gloves on.

Pure Grips DTX has a solid traction, and in my opinion, it offers more traction than other grips in the market today. Its shock absorption is adequate to make you feel comfortable while playing. The DTX also has an unquestionable durability, it can last for two seasons or more.

It has a firmer feel than the two golf grips I mentioned above and it is available in many different colors. If you want your clubs to look cooler while having tons of traction and superb durability, then get a Pure Grips DTX.

5. Golf Pride MCC Plus 4

This grip is popular among the pros. Tour-proven, hybrid golf grip with a brushed cord on upper hand and a larger lower hand. It has also a new softer rubber material that simulates 4 additional wraps of tape to reduce tension and giving you consistent grip and control.

According to Golf Pride, there are lots of benefits of the design like increased in power, lighter grip pressure and reduced tension. It is also available in different colors like red, blue and gray.

Like the NDMC, the MCC Plus 4 feels very tacky even when wet. So rest assured that your club will not slip out of your hands while swinging.

The grip is also comfortable to use and soft but it is not softer than the Dri-Tac. The Golf Pride MCC Plus 4 can last up to a season but I recommend that you replace it after.

While the MCC Plus 4 looks like the New Decade Multi Compound, it has a thicker lower half. The lower half is also softer than NDMC because it uses a softer rubber.

Corder or Non-Corded?

For me, it is all about the feel in the hand/hands. Corded grips have a harsher feel but they are tackier, especially during wet conditions. Non-corded or rubber grips are best for people who love to wear gloves and for those who loves to play in normal weather conditions and doesn’t have sweaty hands.

Per Piece or Bulk?

Buying in bulk will save you money in the long run. But if you’re just testing out the new grips, you may want to buy a few pieces first to see if you’re comfortable using them.


There are a lot of products available in the market to solve your problems about sweaty hands but I chose only the best ones. The grips on this list are effective if you sweat a lot. They can give you comfort and less tension on your hands.

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