Dunlop Tennis Racquets

With more than 70 years of history producing high quality sports equipment Dunlop are rightly regarded as one of the giants in the tennis industry. Some of the finest players ever to play the game used Dunlop equipment, with perhaps the most notable being Steffi Graf and John McEnroe.

Mac remains a brand ambassador for the company and many top players such as Fernando Verdasco, Nicholas Almagro and Dominika Cibulkova use Dunlop tennis rackets. The company incorporates Biometrics in to its designs, which involves the study of the natural world, to harness nature’s incredible efficiency and incorporate it in to their racket technology.

Biomimetic design is used everywhere from structural engineering to advanced aircraft design and it really is the cutting edge of technology. Dunlop are not the first to harness the power of nature in sporting equipment, with F1 cars harnessing the honeycomb structure to produce incredibly strong crash cells and swimwear manufacturers have produced hydrodynamic pieces inspired by shark skin.

The Dunlop performance range includes 3 new racket technologies to encourage elite performance. Aeroskin is inspired by the shark, which has an extremely streamlined body which reduces drag by incorporating microscopic riblets to create localised turbulence.

This allows for faster movement through the water and allows it to strike with incredible power. Aeroskin technology involves a textured skin which is applied to the surface of the racket, which reduces aerodynamic drag and smoothes the airflow around the frame.

The increased racket head speed through the air means it allows far more power and manoeuvrability and can help improve a players’ reaction time.

Gecko-Tac takes its inspiration from the gecko, in particular the nano-scopic surface of its foot which allows it to stick to virtually any surface. The Gecko-Tac surface treatment technology used on Dunlop rackets work to create outstanding grip in all conditions with a smooth, tacky surface helping to wick away moisture.

Increased grip levels mean increased comfort and control and allows for greater precision. The honeycomb is the inspiration for HM6 technology, with the complex hexagonal structure forming a light, powerful material which can absorb impact and retain its shape.

Dunlop has taken advantage of a revolutionary manufacturing technique which moulds high modulus carbon fibres into a hexagonal structure. When these are placed between the layers of Aerogel enhanced carbon the result is an incredibly strong and stable structure. When applied to a racket the high level frequencies are filtered out during impact which can help improve feel while reducing energy loss. The result is a powerful racket which allows outstanding touch and control.

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