Best Tennis String For Spin 2018

Choosing the right string is another crucial part of playing tennis. It is as important as choosing a tennis racquet. You want to feel that you’re really connected to the ball after you hit it. If you are more of an advanced player, and you can generate a lot of power on your own, it is a no-brainer to choose spin friendly tennis strings and you should choose a higher string tension.

top tennis strings for spin

Choosing only the best tennis strings for spin will give you an edge in any match.

Higher string tension allows more ball control when in the hands of a seasoned player. The popular choices among players are strings made of polyester and co-polyester because they provide more spin than the others. Take a look at my tennis strings spin comparison below.

Top 5 Best Tennis Strings For Spin 2018

1. Babolat RPM Blast

Babolat RPM blast is one of the mbabolat rpm blastost popular tennis strings. Why? because Rafael Nadal started to use this string back in 2010 and then the hype started. The string is made of forcible copolyester material which offers tons of topspin thanks to its cross-linked silicone coating.

While using the Babolat RPM Blast you will immediately notice its extreme control and spin. It is also durable and easy for the arm, combine it with an arm friendly racquet, you will definitely feel so comfortable. That is the reason why this is a popular string in the Pro Tour.


  • Gives a slightly softer feel than other polyester strings
  • Great snap back for added spin to your shot
  • Available in 18, 17, 16 gauge
  • Octagonal profile


2. Luxilon Big Banger Alu Power Rough

While Rafael Nadal used a Babolat, luxilon- best tennis string for spinRoger Federer likes the Luxilon Big Banger Alu Power Rough string. This is also popular in the Pro Tour today. It has a softer feel due to its rough texture and the string is stretched out a little bit. While its dented string allows the player to have more spin and power. The Luxilon Big Banger Alu Power Rough has a wonderful snap back which will give you that extra spin.


  • It has a textured surface to add more “bite” to the ball
  • Offers great power and durability
  • Easy on the arms


3. Luxilon ALU Power Spin

luxilon alu power spin

It is kind of similar t0 the ALU Power. It is very durable and will give you an extra power and control. This spin version has a five-sided cross-section for a better grip and will give you that extra bite. Good for players that put a lot of topspin. But do take note that I will not recommend this string if you have a tennis elbow, other arm problems or have shoulder problems.


  • The string with a pentagonal shape that offers tons of spin
  • Offers great power
  • A great choice for hybrid stringing


4. Technifibre Black Code 4S

This is a durable string that will definitely give tecnifobre black code 4syou that added spin on your shots. It has a square profile and sharp edges that will bite the ball better resulting to a massive spin potential. Topspin players like this string so much because of its added spin and softer feel. The “4S” stands for more stability, more spin, better strength and speed for your shots.


  • It uses a “Thermocore Technology” to provide more spin, more power and enhanced durability
  • It has a very tight grip on the ball
  • Softer feel and remarkable tension maintenance


5.  Volkl Cyclone Tour

This is the Tour version of the popular Volkl Cyclone. volkl cyclone tourThe main difference is the Cyclone Tour is much softer, delivers more power and it is an arm friendly string. Though the string offers average control, you can rest assure that this string will provide the spin that you needed.


  • Twisted shape for added bite
  • Not hard on the arm
  • Good for players that generate their own power


Why Polyester Strings The Best Tennis Strings For Spin?

You can actually use different types of strings if you want. But in my opinion, polyester strings generally give more spin than the other types. The very reasons why I recommend polyester strings are:

  1. Polyester strings are relatively stiff, so you can swing faster without the ball flying on you. This increased swing speed is what is generating the spin.
  2. They are somewhat smooth, which let the string to snap back after being moved.


If you’re looking for a spin-friendly string, no doubt polyester will give you the most spin that the others. If you want power and spin you can opt for a hybrid string and combined them with natural gut strings. While the string will help you, also remember that it is also important to improve your racquet head speed. After all, it is you that will generate the spin.

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