Best Tennis Racquet for Intermediate Players 2019 – Updated!!

best tennis racquet for intermediate player

So now you are ready to take the next level: being an intermediate! As you upgrade your skills, you also need to upgrade your equipment.

Your beginner tennis racquet can generate its own power but power is not the only thing in tennis. You now need to control the racquet better, generate spin while hitting hard shots and most importantly you need to do it while the ball stays inside the lines.

That is why choosing the best tennis racquet for an intermediate player is a game-changer!

Intermediate racquets are balanced racquets that provide enough power and control. My advice is go for a slightly heavier racquet say at least 10 oz to 11 oz. It will help you progress your game quicker. This type of racquets will grow with you.

9 Tennis Racquets for Intermediate Players

1. Babolat Pure Drive – Best overall intermediate racquet

The Babolat Pure Drive is a great intermediate tennis racquet. If you have the budget, I suggest that you get this one instead of the Head Liquidmetal 8. It has way more power than the Head Liquidmetal 8 while offering tons of spin. You can control the ball pretty easily, so the ball will end up exactly where you wanted.

Because it is a heavier racquet, the Pure Drive is very stable. The racquet is also perfect for aggressive baseliners who loves a devastating combination of power and spin. You’ll never get bullied once the pace picks up! It can also help your serves and groundstrokes. Single or doubles players will both benefit by using this racquet. This awesome racquet is very popular and the Pure Drive line is always a part of every top tennis racquets list out there.

2. Head Liquidmetal 8 – Best choice if you have a tight budget

The reason why I chose this racquet as number 2 on the list is because, most of my readers are coming from a beginner play style. This will be a great upgrade if you’re coming from a beginner’s racquet without breaking your wallet. The racquet is perfect for 2.0 – 4.0 players.

The racquet offers enough power and great amount of control. It has a decent size sweet spot and it is good for players with short and medium swing. If you’re leaning towards a more balanced racquet, the Head Liquidmetal 8 is perfect for you.

The grip fits very well and it is sticky even when wet. It is also a stable racquet that you can easily control. Another great feature of the Head Liquidmetal 8 is it is easy on the arms. Looking for another arm friendly racquet? Then read the top 3 below.

3. Yonex EZONE DR 100 – Arm friendly intermediate racquet

The Yonex EZONE DR 100 is another popular racquet among intermediate and advanced players. It has loads of power, spin and control. This is a great all around racquet. It has some similarities with the Pure Drive, but in my opinion, the EZONE DR 100 has a slightly larger sweet spot.

With this racquet you can easily smash baseline groundstrokes with tons of power or spin, and serve power is on point. Yonex also adds a “Quake Shut Gel” inside of its handle to further lessen the harsh impact vibrations.

This is a versatile racquet, so if you are a player with spin, speed and can generate your own power this racquet is for you. The only bad thing I can say about the racquet is it is slightly uncomfortable to use especially if you find yourself playing with your tennis ball machine for long hours.

4. Babolat Pure Strike 98 – Good looking racquet for intermediates

The Babolat Pure Strike 98 is a very popular choice among varsity players and long time tennis players. One thing you will notice about this racquet is its very classic appearance. This is a beautiful racquet with a nice color combination.

The stick is light and easy to swing but, it has some vibrations. I suggest you get an arm friendly tennis strings like the Wilson NXT. The Babolat Pure Strike has a more solid feeling while hitting your serves and groundstrokes. The sweet spot is nice but smaller than other sticks.

You also need to have a full swing to take advantage of this gorgeous racquet. The Babolat Pure Strike is also a control orientated racquet that comes with great stability. It’s designed to be able to handle flat or deeper balls well.

In my opinion, this racquet can improve your overall game like servers, volleys, returns, chips, overheads and groundstrokes.

5. Wilson Blade 104 – Best extended intermediate racquet

This is indeed a very popular racquet because of Serena Williams. She endorsed this racquet and it lives up to its expectations. Being a 104, the Wilson Blade has a larger head size and as a result, it has a bigger sweet spot.

The Wilson Blade 104 has a more than adequate power which is enough to hit some power shots. Control is still the main strongpoint of the Wilson Blade 104 racquet because of its dense string pattern giving you more accuracy.

You should take note that this is an extended racquet. So if you didn’t used this kind of sticks before, you may mis-hit your forehands and serves the first time you use it. But after using it for quite a while, you will surely adjust to this racquet.

6. Head Graphene XT Radical MP Ltd. – Great for baseliners

This racquet is the limited edition version of the Head Graphene XT Radical MP. It has a newer graphene feature that balances the weight of grip and tip of the tennis racquet. The racquet is perfect if you have a medium to full swing because of its high level of precision.

At 11 oz strung this stick is very maneuverable and giving tons of spin and more pop than the previous Radical versions. Controllable power is an added bonus if you decide to get this racquet. The stick is also ideal for aggressive servers and baseliners.

7. Prince Textreme Warrior 100 – Accurate and stable intermediate racquet

If you’re looking for a solid racquet that has a nice combination of control, balance and power, you may want to take a look at the Prince Textreme Warrior 100. It is the updated version of the popular Warrior 100.

Prince added a more solid beam to the Textreme Warrior 100 which gives a more accurate response. If you want to control the pace and play with lots of spins this racquet is a great option.

In case, you’re wondering what in the world is a “Textreme,” it is a unique flexible material that boosts the racquet’s stability without compromising its speed.

For Intermediate Women Tennis Players

If you’re a female that loves to be on top of her game these tennis racquets will definitely improve your game as an intermediate player. Whether you’re coming as a beginner or a much more experienced intermediate tennis player, I’m sure that you will love any of these sticks.

1. Wilson Blade 104 Pink

I already reviewed the Wilson Blade 104 above of this list. The only difference of the Wilson Blade 104 here is its “pink” color.  I know a lot of women love the color pink, that’s why I mentioned it again here. Anyway, I will do a quick recap of the Wilson Blade 104 Pink.

  • The Wilson Blade 104 has a good stability
  • Controllable power
  • Endorsed by Serena Williams
  • Large head size, bigger sweet spot
  • Accuracy is quite good

2. Head MicroGEL Radical

A lightweight and solid racquet that 3.5 players to 4.0+ players will surely love. If you want to improve your technique and can generate your own power the Head MicroGEL Radical is perfect for you. This stick is geared towards intermediate players that are looking for more control than power.

Serving with this racquet is a breeze. Volleys are also great. It also has a great precision and accuracy. The stick’s sweet spot is small, so you have to be very skilled to hit shots consistently. But the overall performance of the racquet is very good. This is indeed a great frame for intermediate female players.


I’m a beginner. Can I use an intermediate tennis racquets?

Yes, you can! A 95 to 100-square inch frame is specifically made for players who know what they are doing.

But, if you’re a beginner that wanted to use intermediate racquets and skip beginner racquets, you will be forced to learn the correct techniques which basically means, you will advance quicker than those who use beginner sticks.

Sure, you may not hit your best potential with it at first, but as the time goes by, you will generate your own power and you will have more advanced techniques. Exciting isn’t it?

What to look for when choosing tennis racquets for intermediate players like me?

Go for slightly heavier tennis racquets, at least 10 ounces to 11 ounces strung weight because they are more stable.

Another advantage of heavier racquets is that they are so good at absorbing power. Choose a stick that has 95 to 100 square inches head size. They are perfect for intermediates.

If you are currently using a specific brand, you may want to stick with them, but I suggest to explore other brands as well.

Is it okay to buy cheap racquets?

As an intermediate, I expect that you already knew how important a good racquet is. Don’t buy cheap, crappy sticks EVER! It’s a waste of time and money. A quality racquet will improve your game by a lot.


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