Best Tennis Ball Machine Under 1000 in 2018

Buying a tennis ball machine should not be a problem. Even if your budget is tight or just starting out playing tennis, buying a tennis ball machine under $1000 is probably low risk and a good investment. I can only recommend these two Lobster Elite Models due to these following reasons:

  1. Cheaper
  2. Portability
  3. Good investment
  4. Quality and reliability
  5. Availability

Great Tennis Ball Machines Under $1000

Lobster Sports was born out of the remake of an existing yet failing business. Harry Giuditta was a retired bank owner in search of a new business. He brought his knowledge and business skills to the work of tennis ball machines and it has not been the same since.

Lobster Sports Elite Liberty
best tennis ball machine under 1000This is my favorite portable tennis ball machine under $1000. The Elite Liberty has enough features to help you improve in every aspect of the game.

The Elite Liberty is a 35-pound feature packed machine. It is well suited for beginners and intermediate players. The machine’s oscillation is random horizontal, so it can cover full corner to corner random oscillation.

Practicing overheads is easy with it as it can throw the ball up to 50 degrees. The feed rate ranges from 2 to 10 secs while the speed is 20 to 70 mph.  The machine can also hold 150 balls. It is a battery-powered machine that can last up to 4 hours.

What I really liked about the Elite Liberty is its ability to generate top and back spin. It adds challenge to the players and definitely a must have option in every tennis ball machine. Well, with our kind of budget it is a luxury!

The machine has this oversized wheels and useful foldable handles for added portability.


Lobster Sports Elite Freedom
lobster-elite portable tennis machineThe Elite Freedom portable tennis ball machine is Lobster’s most basic machine but a “basic” machine from Lobster still has features that other brands simply do not have.

If you want some advanced future you can take a look at the Lobster Elite 2.

The Elite Freedom is a battery operated machine lasting 2-4 hours on the court with a full charge. Like all of Lobster Sports’ portable machines the Elite Freedom is guaranteed to fit into your car. It has an extended handle and larger wheels, making it a breeze to transport on and off the court.

This machine is also only 35 pounds. The oscillation goes above the standard on this entry level machine with both horizontal and random settings.

Lobster says that this machine will do an entire court sweep from one side to the other. The Elite freedom will throw balls at 2-10 second intervals at speeds between 20 and 65 miles per hour. This machine holds 150 balls in its hopper and has the option for manual elevation between 0 and 50 degrees.

One major drawback is the machine doesn’t have a spin control.


What type of customers these machines best suited for?

These Elite portable tennis ball machines by Lobster Sports is best suited for beginners, intermediate players or coaches with a tight budget. These portable tennis machines had all of the options and features that a beginner would need but is missing some key features that would make it more desirable to more advanced players that have the right budget such as; higher speeds, more true match capabilities and the ability to add top and bottom spin to a ball (in case of the Elite Freedom).

If these features are not enough for you, please read my tennis ball machine guide here and hope you can find there what you’re looking for.

The machines decent size ball hopper and randomized oscillation make it a good option for price-conscious coaches as well. Since the machine is able to throw balls in varying directions more than one player could still play at the same time while the coach observes.


It is hard to find a portable tennis ball machine with any sort of features for less than $1000; especially not one that is a well-known brand like Lobster Sports. These machines definitely will satiate your need for a tennis ball machine while respecting your budget limit and standing by Lobster Sports’ standards for quality.

best tennis ball machine under 1000 Durable, reliable and has some advanced features that can be found in higher models.


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