Best Racquetball Racquets 2018 – The Ultimate Guide

Racquetball racquets are extremely important tools for finding out the kind of player you are. With that said, what kind of racquetball player are you? What’s the racquet that’ll fit you the best? It’s not always the most cutting-edge or strongest of racquets that help you become better, it’s the racquet that fits who you are and the play style you have.

There are a ton of racquetball racquets out there and the multitudes of them can make anybody confused as to whether or not buying a certain racquet is worth it. Here at Sportystation, we’ve made sure to research and provide you detailed descriptions and reviews of our top selected racquetball racquets.

Don't have the time to read the full reviews? Now, I will show you my TOP PICKS:

HEAD i.65 Racquetball Racquet – The best racquetball racquet for beginners.

HEAD Black Widow 160 – The best for intermediates.

E-Force Apocalypse – The best for advanced and professional players.

Detailed Reviews of Selected Racquetball Racquets for All Levels of Players

Where you stand as a player skill-wise is important and making sure you find a suitable racquet to help you exceed that skill ceiling is equally as important. What we’ve done here is provide to you selected racquetball racquets that can be looked at for beginners, intermediates, and professional players.

If you feel like you don’t know much about the game or whether or not to really invest in it, looking at the cheap beginner racquetball racquets would be beneficial. Or if you’re looking to get better after mastering the basics, the intermediate racquetball racquets all focus on helping to hone and improve those basic skills you’ve learned playing Racquetball.

And of course, the top of the line racquetball racquets are available for those who want to be the best, with the help of these streamlined and fantastic racquets.

Best Racquetball Racquets

For the Beginners:

1. HEAD i. 165 Racquet

The i.165 racquet is a great racquetball racquet and in my opinion, this is the best racquetball racquet for beginners! Made by HEAD using their patented Intelligence Technology.

The Intellifibers technology used to make the HEAD i.165 Racquet produce an electrical charge from transforming the energy of ball impact, which causes the fibers of the racquet to stiffen up which results in increased power.

Because of this feature, the racquet guarantees a powerful shot for every shot that is made on the ball. It also helps to reduce the racquet vibration because electrical energy does not cause vibrations to happen. The HEAD i.165 Racquetball Racquet has decreased vibration on the racquet by an astounding 20% by using this technology.

These racquetball racquets are made for power players with a medium or fast swing. The racquet is always recommended for beginners to intermediate players as it has been designed while considering power as its focus.

These players will also like the Head i.165 Racquetball Racquet since the lightweight frame is full of technology that helps them with every shot they make. If a player has a quick stroke that generates a high swing speed, then the technology used to make this racquet can be very advantageous for them.


  • Weight: 165 g (unstrung)
  • Lenght: 22 in.
  • Head size: 103 sq. in.
  • Balance: 7 pts Head-Heavy
  • Swingweight: 157
  • Head shape: Teardrop

The racquetball racquet also comes with a 3 5/8 grip size accompanied by HEAD Wrap Grip. The grip helps a player to play without gloves as it is a sticky grip that will stay well balanced in the player’s hands.

The HEAD i.165 has an unstrung weight of 165 grams, and a strung weight of 184 grams. The weight of the racquet makes it a lightweight racquet that is easy to maneuver. 

It is a head heavy racquetball racquet, which comes with a head size of 103 square inches, and a teardrop head shape. Since the racquet is a head heavy racquet, the balance point of it is 290 mm, taking the balance point closer to the impact zone of the racquet. This will guarantee more power to every shot a player makes.

The racquet has 16 mains and 19 crosses. Mains skip are 6H, 8H, 10H, and 11H. The string pattern has no shared holes for the strings, and is known to be a two piece pattern. Factory string for the Head i.165 Racquetball Racquets is HEAD Synthetic Gut 17, while the string balance of the racquet stands at 7 pts. Head Heavy.

The racquet has a medium strung swing weight of 157 which gives a player a lot of power and control over the racquet which can be used to their benefit while playing racquetball. It also has a composition of Graphite/Titanium as well.

Unfortunately, the racquet does not come with a cover from the manufacturer, so players will have to buy a cover to accommodate and protect the racquet from damage.

The racquet can be used to play in clubs with friends as well as in tournaments and the Head i.165 Racquetball Racquet is known to be a durable and a well-balanced racquet for most people.

It may take some time to getting used to, since adjusting to the technology of the racquet takes a little time. But players tend to see a good change in their playing when they start to use the HEAD i.165 Racquetball Racquet.

Final Verdict

Great power and control plus the lesser vibrations can result in a lot of good things to a player. Not only will this racquet give more energy to the shots, it will also help with injuries and arm problems a player will have to face because of vibrations. 

2. E-Force Chaos Racquetball Racquet

The E-Force Chaos racquet delivers the biggest blast for a greater price. It was previously referred to as the E-force Gladiator, with the same specifications but now with a difference in the name and the cosmetics.

The racquet features a unique quadriform shape for the head. It’s the best choice for a beginner since it gives one every advantage needed for gaining maximum power. Also, it features many other E-force technologies that exist in higher end racquetball racquets. Looking for a powerful starter frame? Well, Chaos is the champion.

Be the first to trigger a commotion while on the court with the Chaos racquet. It is of high quality at a great price. This racket maximizes the Stringbed deflection with the Longstring® design having 10.5” cross strings and monster string holes.


  • Weight: 205 g (unstrung)
  • Lenght: 22 in.
  • Head size: 107 sq. in.
  • Balance: 3 pts Head-Heavy
  • Swingweight: 186
  • Head shape: Teardrop

This features impacts more power to the swing. Besides, the graphite fibers that are in the frame helps in controlling the flexibility and adding power. In addition, the zero Richter tubes initiate a reduction in vibration in the racket handle.

The Bypass Stringing System is helpful to prevent the ball from striking two Mainstrings all at once and provide power, the main strings are designed such that they skip after each two holes.

In addition to these great features, the Chaos racquet has short absorbing features that work. Avoid having elbow problems by using this racquet. With the special features such as the graphite fiber, the control of power and vibration is made easier.

Monster string holes to allow unrestricted movement including more special features that makes the Chaos better.

It is user-friendly, the Chaos is easy to handle and control. Although power is very important, control is even more important especially when you need to kill the ball.

The racket is quite affordable and durable compared to other products of its features. The durability is due to the material used to make the racquet, especially the graphite fibers.

Final Verdict:

The E-Force Chaos is a great choice for beginners because it is so user-friendly. The weight of the racquet tends toward the heavier scale though, with its 205 grams (unstrung) weight combined with its 186 swingweight, this racquet is a little slow to accelerate and to maneuver. But with its price, it is certainly good and is a great entry racquet for improving at Racquetball.

3. HEAD MX Hurricane Racquetball Pack

HEAD MX Hurricane Racquetball Pack is for all those players who have a tight budget and wants a starter set so they can start playing right away. The set includes 1 aluminum racquet, 2 racquetballs and 1 protective eyewear.

Now, before anyone will curse me, I would normally not recommend aluminum racquets because of their poor playability. But again, if you are tight on budget, wants to play without investing too much for now or wanted to give someone a nice and inexpensive gift, then this set is a great choice.

The racquet is lightweight yet somewhat durable and it has a nice feel to it. The included googles can fog up when you sweat a lot but it can provide adequate protection.


  • Weight: 190 g (unstrung)
  • Head size: 106.5 sq. in.

Final Verdict

Sure it has lower playability than the two racquets I mentioned above, but with its price point, it can’t be beaten.

For the Intermediates:

1. Head Black Widow 160 Racquet

For years now, Head Racquetball has managed to establish its reputation for using the most exotic and cutting-edge materials in their racquet. The head black window 160 racquet is no exception.

This exquisite racquet is made using their breakthrough new patented material known as the Innegra. It uses carbo-Polypro technology that is super-lightweight and dampens vibrations. This makes it one of the best lightweight racquetball racquets in the market.

The Head Black Window 160 is designed to give players a combination of control, maximum power and durability. The combination of CT2 technology and the Innegra technology makes this racquet more powerful than any other 160 racquets from Heads.

The Tampered beam technology gives the racquet the strength and stability while the concave frame on the head ensures maximum aerodynamics and swing speed.

The 160-gram frame and 3-point heavy balance ensures extreme power in all aspects of rallies and the maneuverability needed for defense. The black window can adapt to almost all game styles of any player because of its weight and stiffness. No matter the speed of your swing, the racquet will adapt automatically.


  • Weight: 160 g (unstrung)
  • Lenght: 22 in.
  • Head size: 106 sq. in.
  • Balance: 3 pts Head-Heavy
  • Swingweight: 144
  • Head shape: Teardrop

Features of The Head Black Window 160 Racquet

1. Lightweight

The Innegra material used to make the racquet, and the carbo-polypro technology makes this racquet very light. Because of the racquets 160-gram frame and the 3-point heavy balance, it packs all the aspects of rallies and the maneuverability needed for defense. The light weight of the racquet gives it the ability to adapt to the game style of nearly every player.

2. Strong and powerful

The racquet is made using a combination of CT2 technology and the Innegra technology. This makes it one of the most powerful 160-gram racquetball racquets in the market. The power of the racquet is incredible considering its weight. You can feel the racquets power on drive serves and setups.

Though the power is an advantage for players with a fast swing, players with a slow swing will find this an inconvenience.

3. Increased shock absorption

Apart from the carbo-polypro technology giving the racquet its super light-weight properties, it also dampens vibrations. Because of this, Head Black Window 160 racquet has increased shock absorption properties. This means that players no longer have to use vibrations dampeners with this racquet.

The touch shots and overall feel of the black window are incredible. The Ultra stiff frame will add more power but takes some of the feel from the racquet. With this in mind, the damped vibrations give the confidence when hitting a drop shot or soft pinches. In fact, the vibration of ball impact has been reduced by more than 17% for more control and precision.

4. Hybrid-composite structure

The Head Black Window 160 racquet is made using the new hybrid-composite structure that extends the performance of the head racket. This combined with the Innegra materials makes the racquet durable ensuring that it will continuously serve you for several years to come.

5. Extreme control and Balance

With a 160-gram racquet, you expect more control. However, this black window delivers more than what is expected. With the tempered beam technology and the concave head, the ball goes where you need it to go, especially during your setups. You will be able to feel the control when making drop shots and touch shots. Even though power is critical in racquetball racquets, control is even more imperative.

The Black window also has a perfect balance. The head is light enough for easy maneuverability while being heavy enough to generate the needed power. With the comfortable balance, it is easier to place the ball accurately when reacting or setting up. All this has been made possible by the 3-point heavy balance and the 160-gram frame.

Final Verdict:

The Head Black Window 160 is a very powerful, controlled and balanced racquet. The feel of the racquet is also a power to reckon on. Although the Black window is best suited for players with fast swings because of its power, it can easily adapt to a wide variety of game styles.

For those with a very quick swing speed, this light and powerful racquet is perfect for you. It will give you the power and control you desire.

2. Head Scorpion 170 Racquetball Racquet

The HEAD Scorpion 170 comes with a new technology not found in the previous racquetball releases which includes Innegra technology, CT2, IGS2, Power Stabilizer and Power Channels. It is an even balanced racquet which makes it easier to control.

It is a powerful, light racquet and yet the stability is still there. The Scorpion has a tapered beam that ensures stiffness and durability even when the frame of the racquet flexes in play and a concavely shaped head that will allow you to generate maximum speed to swing the ball through.

For its lightweight and maneuverability, the Head Scorpion 170 is suited to any kind of player regardless of your experience with other racquets. It is, therefore, a great choice for intermediate or advanced players.


  • Weight: 170 g (unstrung)
  • Lenght: 22 in.
  • Head size: 106 sq. in.
  • Balance: Even
  • Head shape: Teardrop


Innegra technology refers to the new hybrid-composite structure with an extra tough fiber that’s embedded within the racquet. This is meant to prolong the performance of this HEAD racquet. This means that the racquet can be used for a long duration without having to degrade or lose some of its outstanding qualities. Less care needs to be directed toward this racquet, which is definitely a plus.

The Scorpion 170 employs the use of power channels that are meant to increase your raw power by taking out the exterior string holes and the traditional grommet system. 


The Head Scorpion 170 performs exceptionally well when we consider it in terms of its power, control ability, feel and overall performance

Control – the Scorpion exhibits great control because it is even balanced. It enables you to take your shots to where you want them to go and in the right direction and provides better placement for off-speed shots.

Power -the power ability in this racquet is undoubtable and at only 170 g, you expect to take full control and advantage of this phenomenon. You can already feel the difference in power when using this racquet when compared to others after taking a few shots. It also enables you to generate more power than before.

Adaptation to style of play – this racquet enables you to adapt to your natural style of play without having to worry about difficulties in adapting because of your skills or level of play. That is why it is very popular and suited to anybody.

The stiffness of this racquets edges it past the others and it really gives you a unique feel separate from the rest. You will also be able to match your opponents pace and speed on the court, therefore making you get the best out of yourself and have a competitive advantage over your opponents.

Final Verdict

Speaking in general terms, the Head Scorpion 170 is a racquet to go for if you really want to take your game a notch higher and enjoy quality play. This is a racquet for any game style and allows you to take full control, generate power and have that competitive edge. It is designed with the highest level of technology and innovation to give you absolute power, balance and maneuverability.

3. Ektelon O3 White ESP Racquetball Racquet

Ektelon O3 White ESP Racquetball Racquet is always for the players who love the game of racquetball who would like to take it another level. It has a head size of 106 sq. inches with adequate sweet spot and forgiving on mishits. 

In terms of its composition, you will get a GraphitXtreme with Carbon Kevlar that is durable while being lightweight. This feature has been the main reason why many players prefer it. It is easy to swing, so if you have arm problems you can use the racquet safely.

The ESP (Extreme String Pattern) technology adds more power to the string itself by having a unique string bed design that pushes the envelope.

The control is quite okay, but the Black Widow and Scorpion has far more control than the 03 White ESP. The racquet is also great for tournaments and for recreational play.


  • Weight: 170 g (unstrung)
  • Lenght: 22 in.
  • Head size: 106 sq. in.
  • Balance: Even
  • Head shape: Quad

Final Verdict

An even balanced racquet that has an adequate control and powerful at the same time. It will definitely help to improve your game. Its great looks is a nice bonus!

 For the Advanced & Professionals:

1. E-Force Apocalypse 160 Racquet

The E-Force Apocalypse 160 Racquet is a state-of-the-art racquetball racquet designed for optimal play. With its ergonomic design, ease of clutch features and open string frame, the E-Force Apocalypse is one racquet that heralds your victory in the racquetball gyms, not once or twice, but each and every time. Its major highlight attribute is its integrated G2 Power Boosters designed to ensure greater ball control, stringbed stability as well as playing accuracy.

You can never go wrong with such an elegant and deadly solution of a racquet as your ardent companion during intense tournaments. Light in your fist and heavy on the ball, the E-Force 160 is modeled to give you that extra bit of competitive edge and reinforce confidence in you. Professionals handle these exquisite racquetball racquets with style.


  • Weight: 160 g (unstrung)
  • Lenght: 22 in.
  • Head size: 108 sq. in.
  • Balance: Even
  • Head shape: Quad


G2 Power Boosters: E-Force Apocalypse 160 racquet is powered by G2 Power Boosters, the next generation Hi-Octane Power Boosters, designed for supreme accuracy, ball control and stability.

Graphite set frame: E-Force 160 comes redesigned in a graphite structure to lend you optimal grip over its handle and enable comfortable usage for prolonged hours of intense sessions.

22 inches LongStrings: To add to the power produced by the wide string patterns, the E-Force 160 also features 22 inches LongStrings which provides you with the assurance of durability both on and off the court.

Quadriform shape: If you are an ace player looking for a racquet that upholds your reputation as a great player at all times, then E-Force 160 is the thing for you. Its quadriform shape allows you to quickly swing your racquet at a high speed and stay on the lead.

This racquet is highly recommended for experienced players who wants a nice blend of power and control. While the quadriform shape of the racquet works great to ensure a fast swing pace in ace players, amateurs may not understand its utility to the full extent. Also, the gripping style of the E-force 160 is slightly different than that of the racquetball racquets used by amateurs.

E-Force Apocalypse 160 may be next to perfection but it is not really tough to point out its flaws. At the very first instant, it is easy to point out how the handle wobbles after a year or two of intense usage, though with correct grip and maintenance you can ward off this event.

Final Verdict:

The E-Force Apocalypse 160 racquet is for the player who needs a balance between power and simplicity as it seems lightweight for prolonged play and yet generates enormous swing force for each ball that comes across your way.

It’s a top-notch racquet that utilizes its superior build to draw out all the skill from a player to shine while playing. It’s supremely elegant and deadly when used correctly and can is an absolute buy for those wanting to become the best.

2. E-Force Heatseeker 3.0 160 Racquetball Racquet

For many years E-force has been a symbol of competitive edge and game-changing innovation. It features racquets for every skill-level and play-style and its new line will impress you for many years to come.

E-force Heatseeker 160 Racquet is a favorite for many racquetball players. It possesses the same patent technology that made E-force famous but it comes with more advanced features. The additional features gives it more power and control. The quadform frame ensures a larger sweet spot and more forgiving on mishits.

E-force racquetball racquets are the only ones having 22” longstring technology. The decision to retain the length of the shaft means more power and whip and thus creating a more explosive swing. It also reduces the vibration by creating a more solid feel, greater control, and more stability.

E-force combines the power of 22” longstring and power of shafts in free space so as to maximize power. It also has a by-pass stringing system. That has a livelier ball and power response. The main strings skip every two holes and in most cases, the ball does not directly strike two adjacent main strings at once.


  • Weight: 160 g (unstrung)
  • Lenght: 22 in.
  • Head size: 108 sq. in.
  • Swingweight: 161
  • Balance: Even
  • Head shape: Quad

The E-force Heatseeker 160 racquet also boasts a bridge construction of an ultra-thin 2-tube which is constructed for longer strings. This help to reduce distortion and frame twists. The dual cylinders also serve to increase the power of the E-force racquet.

The main purpose of a racquet is to hit the ball. You can easily tell how well a racquet will do its job by checking on its power potential value. A racquetball racquets power potential tells you how it’s other properties such as the weight and construction, combine so as to hit the ball with great control, comfort and velocity. The E-Force Heatseeker 160 Racquet does this precise job in spades. This enables the player to reach their maximum performance as it has high power potential.

Of course, a high power potential is nothing without good controls of a racquet. The E-Force Heatseeker 160 Racquet has control 1 for frontcourt and control 2 for backcourt. Control 1 represents upfront racquet handles in the court.

Control 2 represents the traditional court ratings more especially when taking full shots to the back court from the mid. It helps to redirect the force of the ball. Both controls mainly focus on the shape, balance point, tension, court experience, string pattern, frame stiffness and the weight.

The racquet is not too light or too heavy and this gives the player quick maneuverability. For strong players, the 160 grams is balanced and thus making the racquet comfortable to work with. This makes the racquet easy to use as the player can swing freely.

The downside to the racquet is that its grip is not very valuable. The racquet also does not come with a cover. In most cases you have to change or add something on the grip for added traction and thus preventing slippage.

Final Verdict

All-in-all the E-Force Heatseeker 160 provides great value for the cost, and with its abundant power and control is a top choice for pro racquetball players.

How do you choose a Racquet that’s perfect for you?

racquetball racquets for beginners, intermediate and advanced players

You may already know all of the meanings and definitions to racquetball racquets if you play the game enough and or researched the topic a ton. If that’s the case and you just want to find specific racquets just for you then skip this next section. But if you haven’t and consider yourself a beginner, then keep reading and we’ll explain the differing and important aspects to a racquet so that you can find what it is you’ve come to look for.

The Characteristics & Types of Racquetball Racquets

The first type of racquet for this game was made by the inventor himself in 1949. This racquet was known as the paddle racket. The paddle racket was between 17 and 18 inches long and weighed a whopping 300 grams.

The cross-section of the hitting area was only 50 to 55 square inches. It was made of oval wood and was tedious to use for most players. Due to improvements in manufacturing technology, the racquet evolved from that to the modern ones that are used by most players.


Modern racquetball racquets are made of Aluminum, Carbon Kevlar or graphite.


The weight and length of these racquets has also evolved. They now weigh anywhere between 160 to 190 grams or more. 


22 inches long – the standard and the acceptable length to play the sport.

Head Shape

Effective hitting area of between 65 to 108 square inches. The hitting area of the racquet depends on the design. The mid-sized racquets have the smaller area while full-sized racquets have the larger area. Moreover, the heads of these racquetball racquets have various shapes. Some are oval, others are tear-drop and others are rectangular in shape.

Trendy racquets today have quadriform, teardrop or modified quadriform shapes. They can also be very light tipping the scales at 150 grams. 

Things You Should Note for Choosing A Racquet

When choosing a racquet, you should consider various aspects. Examples of these are the size of its head, your own playing style, the speed of your swings and balance. Other factors to consider are the size of grip that you are comfortable with, the brands available, the string of the racquet and the price you are willing to pay for it.

The head size

The head size of a racquet is the size of the area that actually hits the ball. As a general rule of thumb, if the head size is large, the racquet will generate more power. This principle is sometimes broken in favor of speed.

Today, the game of racquetball is very fast and competitive. As a result, players prefer racquetball racquets with smaller head sizes because they are more maneuverable around the court. Moreover, for the racquet to complement your style of play, it should be weighted and balanced in a way that is suitable for you.

racquetball racquet and a racquetball

Your style of playing

There are three types of racquetball players. One type relies on power, the other type relies on strategy while another type relies on both. When picking your racquet, it is very important to know which type of player you are.

As such, you can judge the options that you see based on how well they complement your style. If you are a power player, then the ideal racquet is one that has a head size of 98 square inches, has a pattern of strings that is open and also is quadriform shaped.

Your racquet should also have a weight of between 160 and 190 grams (unstrung weight). A racquet for a power player should have a stiffer frame too.

If you rely on strategy while you play your racquetball, then you should have a racquet that has a head size of around 100+ square inches, has the shape of a teardrop or quad. Thus, it will be light, easy to maneuver and ideal for a strategic player.

Your swing speed

Every racquetball player has a unique swing speed. The speed of your swing has various effects. It determines the power, maneuverability as well as the control that you have over your racquet.

If you have a slow swing, then you should get a heavy racquet, usually about 180+ grams.

If your swing speed is average, then you should get a moderately heavy racquet. It should weigh between 170 and 185 grams.

If you have a fast swing speed, then a light racquet is the best option. It should weigh between 150 and 165 grams.

Generally, there are many differences between the racquetball racquets used by beginners, intermediate players and professionals. Read on to learn more about these differences.

Raquetball racquets for beginners:

The racquetball racquets that are ideal for use by players at this level are heavy. They are heavier than those used by intermediate or professional players. This is because beginners often have slow swings which are not as accurate as those of professional players. Thus, the racquetball racquets should be heavy so as to compensate for the lack of speed with the presence of weight that translates into power. Such a racquet should weigh 185 grams and above.

Racquetball racquets for intermediate players:

The racquetball racquets that are ideal for use by intermediate or casual racquetball players should be in the medium weigh bracket. They should weigh between 170 and 185 grams. This is because players at this level require that their racquetball racquets give them a little more response than a beginner’s racquet. Moreover, they swing faster. As such, they need a racquet that is not heavy. Such a racquet allows the intermediate player to balance their power and strategy.

Racquetball racquets for advanced professional players:

Players at this level require racquetball racquets that are light and strong. Their racquets should maximize these qualities so as to ensure high levels of maneuverability. The professional players are able to produce their own tremendous power. This is because they are fit, strong and have experience in the game. Thus, their racquetball racquets should weigh between 150 to 165 grams. This is the ideal weight for a professional racquetball player’s racquet.

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