Best Lobster Sports Tennis Ball Machine Reviews – 2018

Lobster Sports has been around since the 70’s. The company became a popular manufacturer of high-quality portable tennis machines. Many players including me, loved their portable, reliable and advanced tennis ball machines. In this article, I reviewed different machine models that will help you decide which Lobster Sports tennis ball machine to choose.

Lobster Tennis Ball Machine Review 2018

Lobster Sports has two types of tennis ball machines, the battery operated machines and the electric machines. First, I will show your their battery operated and portable tennis ball machine models which is the Elite series.

The Elite Series

My Pick: Lobster Elite Two

Good for beginners and advanced players that looking for a portable tennis ball machine that has many advanced features and will not break the bank.


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Top 3 Recommendation

1. Lobster Elite Two
top tennis ball machineThe Lobster Elite Two is a 44-pound machine that became popular among beginners, amateurs and advanced players. The Elite Two has this useful triple oscillation that will improve your game even more.

It can also oscillate vertically to give you short and deep shots. With this machine, you can practice almost all of your strokes. The machine can throw up to 50-degree lobs for your overheads. It can throw tennis balls from 20 – 80 mph and it can hold 150 tennis balls.

This is my top recommendation if you are looking for a portable tennis machine. It is user-friendly and has advanced features that I have mentioned above. One thing that I do not like about it is the wireless remote is not included. If you have some spare money, I suggest you get it. It is really helpful.


2. Lobster Elite Liberty
best tennis ball machine under 1000Second on this list is the Lobster Elite Liberty. This is perfect for beginners and intermediate players that do not want to spend a grand on a tennis ball machine while having some advanced features.

Elite Liberty is easy to carry around, it only weighs 35 pounds. Like the Lobster Elite Two, the Liberty also holds 150 balls, can give you up to 50-degree lobs manually and able to generate back and topspin. It can throw balls with speed up to 70 mph. The Elite Liberty only has a random horizontal oscillation but it is enough for players that

The Elite Liberty only has a random horizontal oscillation but it is enough for players that are looking for an advanced feature on a limited budget.


3. Lobster Elite Three
lobster-elite portable tennis machine3rd on my list is the Lobster Elite Three. This one is actually priced higher than the two Elite models above and there are multiple reasons for that. First, the Elite Three comes not just with triple oscillation, it also comes with a highly advanced two-line feature. This machine is more suitable for advanced players because it can simulate a professional match play.

Second, the Elite Three can confront you not just 50 degrees, but 60-degree lobs to practice your overheads. The speed, feed rate and ball capacity are the same like the two Elite models above. Now, this is basically the Elite Two with some added features, but it costs more than the Elite Two that is why the Elite Three is the last on this list.


Lobster Elite 1 vs 2 vs 3

As you can see in the table above, these 3 machines have the same design and look, weighs the same and almost have the same features except for their oscillation. Elite One only has random horizontal, Elite Two has random horizontal and random vertical, while the Elite Three also has random horizontal, random vertical and an added two-line oscillation feature.

My opinion is the Lobster Elite Two has the upper edge among these three machines because of it has more features than the Elite One and it is cheaper than the Elite Three.

The Elite Grand Series

The Lobster Elite Grand series are made for those players that are looking for more cutting edge features and advanced drills. People who usually bought these machines are those who want to take their game to the next level. If the features of Lobster Elite series is not enough for you then you may take a look at the Elite Grand series.


My Pick: Lobster Elite Grand Five

Pre-loaded drills, programmable drills, feature packed tennis ball machine that is easy to carry around.

lobster-elite portable tennis machine


Lobster Elite Grand Four, Five and Five Limited Edition

1. Lobster Elite Grand Five LE
elite-grand-ivThis is the most advanced tennis ball machine and the most expensive too in the whole Elite lineup. Users can make up to 12 custom drills with 6 shots each in 18 locations. The Elite Grand Five has only 6 locations while the Grand Four has none.

It also comes with 12 pre-loaded drills, has a fully random oscillation, two-line function and feed rate of 2-9 seconds. The machine’s ball speed is 35 to 80 mph while its ball capacity is at 150. Elite Grand Five LE has a foldable handle and a reversible hopper so it is really portable.


2. Lobster Elite Grand Five

top tennis ball machineThe Elite Grand Five is a highly-advanced tennis ball machine that aims to help players to reach a whole another level. It comes with 12 pre-loaded drills and various combinations that simulate a high-level play.

You can also program up to 6 drills, each with 6 shots and 6 locations. The machine is so advanced that there are endless of combinations you can do with it to suit your playstyle and improve your gameplay.

You can also set the two-line function in three different ways. It is truly a superior machine, if you have the budget I suggest you get the Elite Grand Five.


3. Lobster Elite Grand Four
elite-grand-ivThe Elite Grand Four is the entry level of the Elite Grand series. It is also cheaper than the Grand Five and the Grand Five Limited LE but it doesn’t make the Elite Grand Four undesirable.

In fact, if you are looking for an advanced portable tennis ball machine and aware of its capabilities and weaknesses you will find the Elite Grand Four worthy of your investment.

It has many advanced features like fully random oscillation, control panel with LCD, 6 pre-loaded drills and two-line functions.

Actually, most of the specifications of the Elite Grand Four, Elite Grand Five, and Grand Five LE are just the same except for the pre-loaded drills and you can’t customize or program your own drills. Just take a look again at the table above the see their differences.


Phenom Electric Club Series Machines

The Lobster Phenom lineup is innovative and their most advanced tennis ball machines. These machines uses electricity to power up while the Elite series uses batteries. The Phenoms are also bigger and weighs twice as the Elites. These machines are aimed to those who loved challenges, for those who take their game more seriously and considering going pro.

My Pick: Lobster Phenom 2

The most advanced tennis ball machine. Fully customizable to suit your play style.



1. Phenom Two
lobster-phenom-2Remember when I told you that Phenoms are the most advanced tennis ball machines? The Phenom Two is a fully-customizable, fully-programmable machine. Can you imagine how many custom drills can you make out of this machine? It is probably endless.

Users can save up to 12 custom programs with up to 6 shots per drill in 18 different locations. It can hold up to 250 tennis balls and has fully random oscillation too. Additionally, the machine’s launch height is designed to simulate true match play.



1. Phenom
lobster-phenom-2The Phenom Tennis ball machine offers fully random oscillation, ball speed of 35-85 mph and can also hold 250 tennis balls. The main difference between the Phenom and Phenom Two is, the pre-programmed drills and the ability to fully customize them.

There are a total of 6 pre-loaded drills that is ready to use anytime. The machine also has large transport wheels so users can move them more easily.



Lobster sports is pretty well known in the tennis industry. Many users loved the portability, features and reasonable pricing of their tennis ball machines. If you’re a total beginner I suggest get the Elite Two, but if you have the budget and want to take your game to the next level I suggest get either any of the Grand Series or the Phenom Electric Series. Hope that I helped you choosing your worthy investment!


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