Bowling Ball Reviews 2018

Bowling is one of the most popular indoor activities. On a Saturday night after a long hard week of working and trying to move up in the world, going bowling can give a sense of relaxation along with a fair amount of competitive exhilaration as well.

However, if you truly want to have the best experience possible while you are out bowling, you are going to have to buy the best bowling ball on the market. Listed below are the top six bowling balls money can buy.

We have broken our best bowling balls down into the following sections:

  • Best Bowling Balls for Beginners
  • Best Bowling Balls for Hook


3 Best Bowling Balls for Beginners

1. Brunswick Rhino Bowling Ball


A slightly heavier ball, this product comes in a variety of intriguing colors that add an attractive aesthetic element to its overall look. It is a midweight ball that leans slightly towards the heavier end of the spectrum and has a lot to offer in terms of maneuverability.


A great thing about this bowling ball is that it is very easy to control. The holes can be drilled for thicker fingers which gives this demographic a product that thinks of them at last.

This combination of wider holes and ideal weight helps make this ball a great choice for anyone that likes to go bowling on a regular basis, especially if they want a versatile ball that can handle all kinds of situations.


One complain that a lot of bowling ball reviews have against this ball is that it lacks a little in the durability department.

After periods of extended use, you would start to notice the ball getting chipped in places, but it should be noted that this is only going to happen in the long term and often is aggravated by improper use of the bowling ball due to imperfect throwing technique.

2. Brunswick TZone Indigo Swirl


Coming in a gorgeous color reminiscent of an alien sky, this bowling ball is made of polyester and has been finished with a high gloss polish. With a hook potential in the 20s and a length of 235, this ball falls right in the middle as far as specifications and features are considered which is good,  considering the fact that all top notch bowling balls tread the middle ground.


A major benefit of using this bowling ball is the fact that it is such an easy to use ball. If you are a total beginner that loves to play for fun and to hit all of the easy shots, this ball’s specific design would be perfect for you.


A drawback that you might experience while using this ball comes from the material that has been used. Polyester is the sort of material that does not have a great deal of friction because it is essentially plastic.

Hence, you would not have the sort of friction you might need in order to maneuver your ball as much as you would like. 

3. Pyramid Path Bowling Ball


This versatile ball has been made with a variety of skill sets in mind, being specifically designed to be easy enough for beginners and also maneuverable enough for the advanced that know what they are doing. It is made from polyester which makes sense since this is a ball that is intended for use by a wide range of individuals, making it a great not just for beginners.


A major benefit of using this ball is the fact that it is so versatile. You can use this ball as the ideal gift for your child or your wife, allowing them to get into bowling with confidence since they would not have any trouble whatsoever using this ball.

The light weight also makes it perfect for use by children and women, and since it comes undrilled you can shape the holes according to your requirements.


The reviews that you are going to read about this product are all going to complain about the weight. Lightweight bowling balls are just not a good fit for people who want to actually be good at the game because they are not strong enough to knock enough pins. Plus, it doesn’t enough hook to improve your game.

3 Best Bowling Balls for Hook

1. Brunswick Nirvana Bowling Ball


Unlike the previous bowling balls that were made of polyester plastic, this product is made of reactive resin which has a great deal more friction. Coming in beautiful shades of peach that swirl into one another, this product makes quite a good first impression. It has a tremendous hooking potential thus, this ball is perfect for advanced players.


Perhaps the most obvious benefit that this ball provides is the massive curve that you are going to get. If you have a great deal of skill, you can use this curve based on the friction of this ball’s material to your advantage. The great thing is that the reactive resin allows this ball to work beautifully on virtually any kind of surface, thus giving you the chance to truly excel at the game.


While this ball is truly a fantastic option for any kind of bowler with skill, one drawback that a lot of bowling ball reviews are noting is the fact that this product is made of reactive resin which makes it difficult to get straight shots which are often necessary in a game of bowling.

2. Hammer Black Widow Legend Bowling Ball


One of the more unique features that has been incorporated into this product is the hybrid coverstock. This ball combines reactive resin with polyurethane, giving you the best of both worlds in a truly brilliant way. When using this ball you are going to notice quite a bit of turn, but it would be far easier to control than with other balls that are meant to provide spin on the bowling ball lane.


Without a doubt, the hybrid coverstock that has been used for this product is the thing that sets it apart. This hybrid coverstock is why this product is included in this list that were also ostensibly meant to provide spin because you would be able to control it a lot better with this ball.


For all of its control and spin, this ball is still not quite perfect. The weight of this ball tends to lean towards the heavier side which makes it a little difficult to control if you don’t have above average arm strength.

Hence, it would be fair to say that this ball is not quite for everyone, as many would be frustrated by this unnecessary weight addition in a bowling ball that is otherwise absolutely stellar.

3. DV8 Endless Nightmare Bowling Ball


Much like the Hammer Black Widow above, this product has been made using a hybrid resin. What makes it better is the fact that it is even more useful on a variety of lanes, and the weight is more centered than with the Black Widow.


Reactive resin is sometimes not very adequate on oiled lanes, especially those in tournaments where the lanes are very slick indeed. The hybrid resin used in this product is a lot better at navigating these more slippery lanes, thus providing you with the chance to use this as a leisure ball as well as a professional tool for tournaments and the like.


While this ball is mostly perfect, one minor drawback is the fact that this ball does not function quite as well on drier lanes.

While it is still going to be better than most balls, even those specifically meant for dry lanes, if you are used to its phenomenal performance on slick lanes you might be a little disappointed by how it functions on dry lanes.

What to Look For in a Bowling Ball

Buying a top quality bowling ball involves a lot of discerning between those qualities bowling balls should possess and those that they should not. Hence, if you want to buy a good bowling ball, you are going to have to find out what these qualities are. A list of things you should look for in a bowling ball is provided below:

Size: Few people know this but there is actually a wide range of sizes that your bowling ball could potentially come in.

If you want to make sure that you get the best bowling ball possible, you are going to have to figure out which size suits you best. Bowling balls that are on the larger side of things are generally a lot better than smaller varieties that the market provides.

Weight: A common misconception that people tend to have is that the heavier a bowling ball is the better. While it is true that a bowling ball that is heavy would have a better chance of knocking down several pins, when you get an overly heavy ball you lose a lot of the mobility and maneuverability you would get from a slightly lighter bowling ball.

While a very light bowling ball is not going to be very useful either, bowling balls that are on the lighter side are going to be easier to aim and would thus improve your game significantly.

Smoothness: A lot of people tend to assume that all bowling balls are smooth, and while this may seem apparently true on the surface, with a sport like bowling ball you need to go a little bit deeper and see beyond the surface. At a microscopic level, a lot of bowling balls have minute imperfections.

These imperfections may seem inconsequential on the surface, but the truth of the matter is that they have a cumulative effect on your throw and can take away a lot of the speed of your ball. Hence, getting the smoothest ball possible is essential to getting your money’s worth.

Grip: While the surface of the ball needs to be as smooth as possible, the same cannot be said of the grip. When you grip a bowling ball, what you should ideally be feeling is somewhere between a complete lack of friction and smoothness.

Essentially, the grip should be tight enough to allow you to have some control over the balling bowl without it slipping off of your hand. At the same time, the grip should be loose enough to allow the ball to slide off of your fingers without getting stuck during the release. An efficient release is a good sign that you have the best bowling ball.

Material: There are three basic materials that your bowling ball can come in: plastic/polyurethane, hybrid and a reactive resin. Plastic bowling balls have the least friction and so have the least amount of curve, which makes them perfect for situations where you might want to hit a specific pin.

Reactive resins have a greater friction which makes them ideal everyday bowling balls and perfect if you want more hook.


Buying a bowling ball is really not that tough as long as you know what you are looking for. In fact, with the six balls that has been provided above, buying a great bowling ball is going to be as easy as pie.

Don’t assume that the most expensive bowling balls are always the best either, as you can probably already tell from the list that there are plenty of more affordable options as well that are actually very good, so you’d be able to buy a top notch bowling ball regardless of your budget!

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