Babolat Tennis Racquets

Babolat began life as a company back in 1875 when Pierre Babolat produced the first set of natural gut strings.

For over 100 years that was all they manufactured before becoming a ‘total tennis’ company in 1994 and they started to produce tennis rackets and accessories like overgrips and tennis balls. They initially focused on the European market before moving to Japan, with the North American market soon afterwards.

The company’s signature makes a Babolat racket instantly recognisable, with a double line moving across the strings to the actual racket frame itself. The Babolat Pure Drive series of rackets, used by players like Andy Roddick and Kim Clijsters, were designed for those with a medium swing looking to play a power game from the baseline.

While the main range is aimed at the more advanced player they do produce versions aimed at the improver. The Pure Drive Roddick, alongside the Team and Team Plus model, feature the new cortex vibration dampening technology which reduces vibration and improves feel for the ball.

The recent Aero series of rackets has been extremely popular, largely due to the Babolat AeroPro Drive which is used by Rafa Nadal, Jo-Wilfred Tsonga and Francesca Schiavone. The distinctive black and yellow design incorporates the company’s aero modular technology which provides increased racket head speed and spin.

The recently released AeroPro Cortex will be the first in the range to incorporate the cortex technology. Other series released recently are the Drive Z range and the Pure Drive Roddick (the plus version is used by Andy Roddick himself) which is one of the first in the line to incorporate graphite tugsten.

The Pure Storm has become popular thanks to the level of control it provides to players, as well its low stiffness and light weight. As a result Babolat released the Pure Storm Team, an updated version of the Pure Control Team but with a reduction in flex. Both rackets incorporate a material called ‘Carbon Extreme’ around the head, which claims to give additional stability.

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