Babolat Tennis Racquet For Beginners

Babolat is a popular brand of tennis racquet that captured the hearts of many new players, enthusiasts and professional tennis players. Many tennis coaches often recommend them due to their playability, reliability and it can improve the players game by a lot. In this article, I will talk about the popular and awesome Babolat Pure Drive.

Why Pure Drive Is The Best Babolat Tennis Racquet For Beginners?




  • Head Size: 100 square inches
  • Length: 27 inches
  • Weight: 318 grams
  • Balance: 4 pts HL
  • Composition: Graphite
  • String Tension: 23-27 kg
  • String Pattern: 16 mains / 19 crosses

As a newcomer to the sport of tennis, you still don’t have the necessary techniques to play competitively. The Babolat Pure Drive can definitely give you an edge once you learned how to use it effectively. Although the Pure Drive is popular among intermediate/advanced players, it felt like it was actually designed for beginners. The good thing about the Babolat Pure Drive is, it has tons of “pop” even with a novice technique.

The racquet has a Woofer System that greatly reduces vibrations, making the player very comfortable while hitting shots after shots. As a beginner, your form is still not that good and will not consistently hit a really good shot but thank God the Pure Drive is a very forgiving racquet. You do not have to hit the racquet’s sweet spot to be able to generate a good shot.


While using the racquet you need to learn to have a good form to utilize the racquet. It can also help you to learn the basics of hitting through the ball. It can also dramatically improve your serves and slices. You will also learn how to control your strokes.

The Babolat Pure Drive has an amazing balance of power, spin, stability, feel and maneuverability. That is why it is a great all-around racquet and you will not easily outgrow it because the racquet is also meant for very skilled players. However, if you also want to consider other beginners tennis racquets you may read this article.


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