We are a group of young Filipinos who want to help other Filipinos improve their lives. Our blog provides articles, tips, and tricks that can be used in daily life. Whether it’s helping you with your career or improving your health, we’re here to inspire you!

As a group, we’re interested in helping other Filipinos to achieve their goals. We want to inspire people with our blog posts, articles, and videos so they can have a better life.

Our Team

Our little team consists of young and passionate individuals who are always eager to learn, help each other, and thrive in the fast-growing startup industry. Learn more about our team below.

Eliza Tiu, FounderEliza is a blogger and former university teacher. She also loves to run and has an active lifestyle. Her passion is to help people, especially students to gain more knowledge about academics. She also writes about her experiences getting into shape, running, and living a healthy lifestyle.
Phillip ‘Sporty’, FounderWhen Phillip isn’t writing about education and business, he works out. He credits sports for helping him stay fit and healthy. Hence, the nickname Sporty.
Meena, WriterMeena is an excellent creative writer. She loves to write about anything that excites her. Also, she oversees all editorial content for the site. She’s an avid traveler and hopes to travel the world one day.
Kristopher, EditorKris is a writer, editor, and website developer who believes that stories connect people. He’s a master of python with a curious mind. He’s always excited and has lots of energy.
Aila, Writer/PhotographerAila is a fashion-forward, beauty, and travel blogger who is living her own dreams. She’s always trying to help others do the same.
Elmer, Writer/PhotographerElmer is a big fan of pets, especially dogs. When he’s not busy blogging about his own canine friends and hanging out at the dog park, he likes to take beautiful photos of other people’s pets.